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Give Your Worksite A Facelift With Our Building Fence Wrap

Give Your Worksite A Facelift With Our Building Fence Wrap

Adding building fence wrap to your worksite is a simple and affordable way to transform your 'work-in-progress' into a beautiful work of art. Fence wrap not only adds a professional touch to your building site, but is also an excellent way to advertise yourself while you and your team are busy at work. FenceWrap is the top producer of building fence wrap in Australia. We offer various unique options and materials to help you find the perfect fence wrap for your building masterpiece.

Types Of Building Fence Wrap

At FenceWrap we offer our building fence wrap in three different materials. Each material has its unique benefits, depending on your particular desires and requirements.

RCQ Constructions Building Fence Wrap

Shade Cloth

You'll see shade cloth most commonly used for building fence wrap due to its' incredible price. Shade cloth is a lightweight material made of a woven HPDE mesh; think of a netting made with fishing line. This lightweight, temporary fencing material is ideal for scaffolding wraps because you can get a large quantity to cover your site at a relatively low price. FenceWrap supplies our shade cloth fitted with buttonhole eyelets at the top and bottom, making it super simple to apply your building fence wrap at your site. Shade cloth is our most affordable option. If you're looking to advertise your site on a budget, this is an excellent choice.

PVC Banner Mesh

Our PVC banner mesh is our signature offering. We have customized our banner mesh from client feedback and have designed three unique styles of banner mesh. We offer our BreezeMax for anyone prioritizing wind permeability and our PrintMax for the best overall print impact. Our FenceWrap Classic provides a beautiful balance of print impact and wind permeability. For any project, banner mesh will provide a durable, high-quality material for your building fence wrap. Banner mesh is an ideal investment for anyone looking to get longer use of their fence wrap. 

Our banner mesh comes with seamed edges and stainless-steel eyelets on the top and bottom; this gives you a durable product that will last. You can expect to use your banner mesh for two to three years. It's easy to install and uninstall without damage to the product, allowing you to reuse your building fence wrap at multiple job sites. This material is low maintenance, resists dust, and can be wiped down between uses. It consists of a woven fabric with a PVC coating. The PVC coating creates an excellent surface to print on, making advertising with banner mesh a must have. The print impact is incredible, the cost is comparatively low to other advertising options, and the product itself is incredibly versatile.

MM Built Group Building Fence Wrap

Polyester Mesh

Our polyester mesh is a solid material that will provide the best print impact for your building fence wrap. If you want to create a stunning, full-color image that pops and adds quality to your worksite, look no further than polyester mesh for your building wraps. Like our banner mesh, this product is durable and reusable, with a lifespan of up to three years.

How To Use Your Building Fence Wraps

It's effortless to use your fence wrap at your building site. Regardless of the material you choose, all of FenceWrap's building wraps will be sent to you with eyelets at the top and bottom for easy installation. All you need are cable or zip ties. The installation should take 10 - 15 minutes to install a 50m roll with two people.

Just make sure your fence wrap is securely installed, and there is no slack in the material; this will prevent any damage to your fence wrap as a result of stretching due to wind.

Splash Zone Building Fence Wrap

How To Purchase Building Fence Wrap

At FenceWrap, we want the process of advertising your site with building fence wraps to be easy, accessible, and stress-free; that's why we make the purchasing process simple and straightforward. To get started, you will need to know how large the space is that you would like to cover with your fence wrap, so take a moment to measure your space's height and length in meters. Then, pick the material you feel would best suit your needs. 

  • Are you looking for a short-term fencing wrap like shade cloth?
  • Do you want a product you can reuse, like PVC or polyester banner mesh
  • What is your budget? 
  • Are you looking for the most affordable option to advertise your company, or are you able to invest more? 
  • Would you prioritize a high print impact? 
  • Or does your location require a material with a high wind permeability? 

Designing Your Building Fence Wrap

Once you have your material selected and know how large you need your building wrap, send us your artwork assets in vector format (.pdf, .eps. or ai.). We'll create a mock-up design to send to you for your approval. If you need help with the artwork for your mesh banners, let us know, we have a dedicated team of designers ready to help you with your design at no extra charge. You'll need to send us a 50% deposit before production of your fence wrap can begin, then production should be complete within ten days. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process. If you're on a tight deadline, let us know! We can work with you to get your fence wrap to you in the time you need.

Greenacres Building Fence Wrap

We are proud to be located in Australia; this allows us to keep shipping costs low for our clients within Australia. We will keep you informed once your order is complete and send you tracking details so you can see when delivery is scheduled. 

Let’s Get In Touch

If you have questions or need guidance in choosing the right material for your building fence wrap, reach out to our friendly team at 1300 557 247, we're happy to answer any questions. If you’re in a hurry and can’t talk right now, you can leave us a message on our contact page and we’ll be in touch shortly. We look forward to discussing your next project and how partnering together can increase your brand's awareness.

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