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Building Fence Wrap

Building Fence Wrap

There are many ways to make your existing building site more visually appealling, one of them is with some building fence wrap. Building fence wrap is the most cost effective way to promote your business whilst your workers are building the site, creating it into a stylish masterpiece. We have many different options of building fence wrap as each material has it’s different qualities.

The different options we have

We have three main material options that have been highly sought after with existing customers who have purchased there own building fence wrap.


Shade cloth is the most common and cost effection building fence wrap available on the market due to its great price. For as low as $605 per 1.8 x 50m roll length, you can wrap your fence or scaffolding in this light wieght material. It also uses button hole eyelets top and bottom making it easy to erect your building fence wrap shade cloth at your desired location with out a fuss.

PVC banner mesh

If you are looking for a more durable building fence wrap you can’t go past our PVC banner mesh. This product is very popular for consumers who wish to use their building fence wrap on more than one occasion as it has a seam welded edge with stainless steel eyelets top and bottom. This pvc banner mesh will also resist dust and other wind particles with ease and can easily be wiped down between uses if required.

Polyester Mesh

The most visual appealing building fence wrap is our Polyester Mesh. If you are looking to get the most out of your construction site, the Polyester Mesh offers a very high visual appeal with its stunning print quality. This building fence wrap can be printed in any way you desire and will really bring your designated area to life.

How easy it is to use

All of our building fence wrap comes with and strong edge and eyelets of some sort top and bottom. To secure your building fence wrap to your desired construction apparatus you can use plastic ties or rubber ties through the eyelets and pulled tight. We recommend that all of the slack in the material be pulled out to avoid the chances of it getting caught and stretched in the wind.

The process of buying building fence wrap

At FenceWrap, we have made it very simple for our customers to purchase their own building fence wrap. All you need to do is measure the height and the length of the fence that you wish to cover and choose a material that you are interested in. Are you looking at the cheapest way to promote your business? Are you looking to reuse your building fence wrap for future projects? Are you after something with a extremely high quality print? Once these questions have been answered, simply send your logos to us in a vector format (.pdf, .eps or .ai) and we can provide you with a mock up design for approval. Finally, before we can start production we simply require a 50% deposit payment.

Also, do you have a deadline for your order? If so, let us know and we are very confident we will be able to meet it!

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday 9-5 on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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