Shade Cloth

Shade cloth would be what we call our “standard” fabric. It is the most cost effective option of FenceWrap we have and it is quite commonly used. The fabric itself is a woven plastic and has knitted eyelets at the top and the bottom.

Size Availability

Shade cloth is sold in full rolls of 50m lengths, with heights at 1.8m. The fabric comes in a single roll and can be cut, if you want, to fit different lengths on the sites you have.

Print Options

The fabric originally starts off white and is printed with whatever you want. As with all of our FenceWrap, we offer shade cloth in either a block print or full print.

Block Print Example


A block print essentially means that the background will be white, or under 50% of the fabric surface will be covered with ink. This option is good for repeats of a company logo and slogan across the length of the FenceWrap.

Full Print Example


A full print allows you to cover the full surface of the material with ink. This means there is no limitation in regards to design, you can print whatever you want. Please note that we don’t recommend shade cloth for full print designs, you are much better off going with banner mesh for that.

Print Quality & Life Span

The important thing to remember about shade cloth though is that it is a basic option. The quality of print on shade cloth is average when compared to banner mesh or fabric mesh, but it is definitely a suitable option for signage that is viewed from a distance. It will not last as long as banner mesh will, with an expected life span of about 1 year.