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FenceWrap Classic Printed Fence Mesh

FenceWrap Classic Printed Fence Mesh
Temporary Fence PVC Mesh
FenceWrap Classic is our intermediate printed fence mesh option. 

It provides a balance between our other two extremes, where PrintMax is suited to those wanting the highest impact prints, and BreezeMax is for those seeking the best wind performance. 

FenceWrap Classic sits neatly in between these two options as a good "jack of all trades" option. The print is still great, and the wind performance is OK.

Fast Facts

Balanced wind flow and print impact
Full surface printing included
Outdoor rated inks (2 - 3 years no fade)
1.6m / 1.8m high x 50m rolls
Can be cut into lengths (eg. 5 x 10m)
Eyelets punched every 500mm
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Recommended Applications

Because the Classic printed fence mesh has larger holes than the PrintMax the recommended applications are the same, but we would say that it's more suited to more windy locations.

  • Scaffolding
  • Fixed/Permanent fences
  • Temporary fences that have rear supports and additional weights
  • Privacy Screens
  • Hoarding (A more cost effective option compared to 100% PVC)
  • Crowd control barriers (weighted)
  • Indoor
  • Dust Control
  • Large Outdoor Art Installation
Our printed fence meshes are all printed on the same machine. So there is not going to be a technical difference in the print "quality", but there will be a difference in the print "impact" because there is less material in the mesh to actually hold the inks and give colours their vibrance. 

Because they're all printed on the same machine, that's why we don't say there is any quality difference, only impact difference. 
FenceWrap Classic Printed Sample
A real sample fence panel printed on FenceWrap Classic banner mesh
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All of the printed fence mesh options have a very high photo-like print quality and a lot of clients are preferencing it now over other products like printed shade cloth purely because of this.

The same artwork, photos, text, colours etc can be printed on all the meshes, you’ll just see the print as being more vibrant and strong on the PrintMax over anything else as:

  1. There is more mesh surface to hold the ink
  2. Less light comes through from behind the mesh, meaning it gets less “washed out”

In saying that though, they all look fantastic when printed.


All of our printed banner meshes are sold with an expected lifespan of 2-3 years.

The inks that we use are genuine inks that have a 2 year no significant fade guarantee. So a minimum 2 year lifespan should be expected - with longer in low UV locations like Adelaide/Melbourne/Hobart.

The FenceWrap Classic printed fence mesh can be used over and over again. Once a project is finished, the mesh can be rolled up and taken to the next site.

Available Sizing

FenceWrap printed fence meshes come in 50m rolls as standard.

The roll can be supplied as a whole (which you can cut up for different sites) or we can pre-cut the roll into individual banners if you have a common size that you need or are happy to accept.

Common sizes that are cut are 5m and 10m.

Two heights are available, 1600mm or 1800mm once finished.

Pro Tip

If your fence (or fence panel) is 1800mm tall, we recommend 1600mm tall FenceWrap as it will stretch a lot nicer onto the fence and look better once set up.

Custom Sizes & Panels

The fence mesh itself actually comes from the manufacturer in widths up to 5m, so we can make custom sized banners to cover scaffolding or buildings. Multiple prints we welded together to make a single banner, and are edged and eyeleted. We’ve actually made banners up to 30m x 30m before.

If considering the full banner mesh rolls, they can also be cut into banners if you like to fit specific fences or spaces. We charge per vertical cut, so you can cut 50m roll however you like.
ACT Government Printed Banner Mesh
Metricon Homes Printed Banner Mesh Panel
If you have any concerns about PrintMax being too solid for your application and need something with more air permeability, you can consider one of our alternative printed banner meshes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions that we get asked by clients are answered below.

If you have any other question, please get in touch with us and we're more than happy to help.

How does it take to manufacture FenceWrap?

Our standard production time is quoted at 3-5 business days. However, we do receive large orders regularly and our production queue is first come, first serve. 

Can a full roll be cut into smaller banners after I receive it?

Yes, it's not a problem at all and quite common. The material won't fray once cut, it just won't have finishing and eyelets on the vertical edges.

Do you help with artwork?

Yep. We lay out the artwork for you, it's included in our pricing.

Where do you deliver to?

Everywhere across Australia. We have various couriers that have different transit times depending on how fast you need the FenceWrap. 

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