Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh is more suited to limited use as it is printed onto a polyester fabric rather than on a PVC fabric. This means it will produce a high quality print, and the print bleeds through also (seen from behind), but it will not have great longevity in direct sunlight. The fabric is printed, and then sewn with edges and eyelets are pressed into the edges.

Size Availability

Fabric mesh comes in heights up to 1.7m typically, but we can just sew together multiple banners to make larger banners if you have something large to cover. We don’t have full rolls with fabric mesh either, but we do have minimum order quantities. Again, custom lengths can be tackled by sewing together multiple lengths.

Print Options

The fabric starts off white and is printed with what you want. Fabric mesh “bleeds” the color, so the same image can be seen from both the front and back of the fence.

Block Print Fabric Mesh

Block printing is not available with fabric mesh.

Full Print Example


A full print allows you to cover the full surface of the material with ink. This means there is no limitation in regards to design, you can print whatever you want.

Print Quality & Life Span

Fabric mesh is more suited to indoor or short term applications. The print quality is very high, but the polyester fabric will not last a long time in direct sunlight. The ink itself is quite colourfast, but the fabric is not outdoor rated.