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Banner Mesh
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Various mesh types
Outdoor Rated Inks
2 - 3 years outdoors no fade
Completely Customisable
Anything you want

Banner Mesh is our highest quality FenceWrap that's available - both in terms of print impact, but also longevity and finish. We manufacture FenceWrap in three different grades of banner mesh, they are:

  • PrintMax - Made for applications where the highest priority is the print impact and wind is not much of a concern

  • BreezeMax - The opposite of PrintMax where air permeability is the highest priority, and the print impact is secondary

  • FenceWrap Classic - With moderate air permeability, and a good print impact, this is a good balance between the two 
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Harden Bearings Printed Shadecloth Prices

Full 50m Rolls

1.6m / 1.8m x 50m full mesh rolls
EzyPanel Mesh Banner

Single Panels

1.6m / 1.8m x 2.3m /2.4m single panels
EzyPanel Mesh Banner

Double Panels

1.6m / 1.8m x 4.8m double width panels.
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Scaffolding Signs

AS1530.2 fire rated scaffolding mesh.
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Banner Mesh Grades

All of our banner meshes are printed on the same printer, meaning the quality of the print will be of equal quality on all the meshes, just that when you choose a more open weave mesh like BreezeMax you have actual material to hold the ink, so that's why we say it has less of a print "impact".

Banner mesh has a very high photo-like print quality and a lot of clients are preferencing it now over other products like printed shade cloth purely because of this. Regardless of the grade you choose, your logos and photos will have crisp lines and look very professional. 



For those that want the best print impact on the mesh.
Print Impact: 
Permanent fences, hoardings, crowd control barriers, scaffolding
Technical Info
30% Airflow
Any printing
Finished edges with eyelets
AS 1530.2 Rated (Optional)
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Classic Mesh

A good balance between print impact and air flow.
Print Impact: 
Any of the applications of PrintMax or BreezeMax would be fine.
Technical Info
36% Airflow
Any printing
Finished edges with eyelets
AS 1530.2 Rated (Optional)
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When the main priority is airflow over print impact.
Print Impact: 
Temporary fencing and specifically high wind areas where airflow is required.
Technical Info
50% Airflow
Any printing
Finished edges with eyelets
Perfect for temp fence
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Eyelets Every 500mm

Securely attach your FenceWrap to your fence with eyelets every 500mm.
Fence Banner Mesh Panel Cladding VIC

Cuttable Into Panels

When full rolls are bought, you can cut them to make smaller panels.
EzyPanel Mesh Banner

Full Colour Printing

No limits to your design - we digitally print for complete freedom.
Printer Printing Printed Banner Mesh

Outdoor Rated Inks

Durable outdoor rated inks ensure an excellent appearance for years.
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Printed Shadecloth Mitre10

Why PVC Mesh Is The Best

The banner mesh itself is a woven fabric with a PVC coating which provides a great surface to print on. After printing, the material is then cut and edged, with eyelets then punched into the edges to give you a secure point to attach the mesh to your fence or hoarding with either zip ties or screws. 

Another key benefit of banner mesh is that it be reused over and over again. You can move it from site to site as projects start and finish and our genuine inks have a 2 year no fade guarantee. 

Depending on the UV in your local area (Darwin is a lot worse than say, Hobart) we generally put a life span of anywhere between 2 and 3 years on our banner mesh products.
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Sizes That Are Available

Each FenceWrap banner mesh roll is manufactured in a 50m length and we sell them by the roll. A single roll can be supplied as a whole, or it can be cut up into smaller banners, like say 2 x 25m lengths or even 5 x 10m lengths. It really just depends if you have a common site frontage.

Two heights are available, 1600mm or 1800mm once finished.

Pro Tip

If your fence (or fence panel) is 1800mm tall, we recommend 1600mm tall FenceWrap as it will stretch a lot nicer onto the fence and look better once set up.
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Custom Size Mesh Banner

Custom Sizes, Fence Panels, And Cutting

The banner mesh itself actually comes from the manufacturer in widths up to 5m, so we can make custom sized banners or standard size EzyPanel mesh banners.

Multiple prints we welded together to make a single banner, and are edged and eyeleted. We’ve actually made banners up to 30m x 30m before.

If considering the full banner mesh rolls, they can also be cut into banners if you like to fit specific fences or spaces. We charge per vertical cut, so you can cut 50m roll however you like.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of the most common questions are answered below, however if you have any other question we're available weekdays 8:30AM to 5:30PM on 1300 55 82 47.

Can I cut a full roll up into smaller banners after it's made?

Certainly. The banner mesh won't fray where you cut it and you just won't have edging & eyelets on the verticals, but that's not a big issue.  

I am a builder, not a graphic designer, do you help with artwork?

Yes, artwork layout and proofs are included in our pricing so don't worry about it.

How long does it take to manufacture FenceWrap?

Our standard production time is quoted at 3-5 business days. However, we do receive large orders regularly and our production queue is first come, first serve. 

Do you deliver?

Yep - to anywhere in Australia. We have both fast, and cheap, freight partners depending on what you need.

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