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Our Quick Guide To The Different Types Of Fence Mesh

Our Quick Guide To The Different Types Of Fence Mesh

FenceWrap proudly stocks many types of fence mesh for all your advertising needs. Having been in business since 2003, FenceWrap is the top producer of fencing wrap for Australia; and has assisted thousands of companies with branding using quality fence mesh rolls. With several types of fence mesh to choose from, we are confident we can find the perfect solution for you. 

Types of Fence Mesh

There are three main types of fence mesh that FenceWrap offers. Within those three categories, there are several options for customization. Each of our different types of fence mesh has distinct benefits. When choosing the best fence mesh for your branding, it is essential to consider what would best suit you. Are you looking for the most affordable price? Do you want to prioritize wind permeability? How long do you wish to use your fence mesh? Answering these questions will help you when considering different types of fence mesh and which would best serve you.  

Amazing Devcon Types Of Fence Mesh

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is our most cost-effective branding solution. Shade cloth is a lightweight material that makes a great temporary fencing wrap. It is excellent for providing shade at outdoor locations, dust control, privacy, and branding. We offer our shade cloth in rolls measuring 1.8m by 50m. If you require shorter lengths, you can cut your shade cloth, although this may cause the material to fray.  

This material is incredibly low in cost, its lightweight which makes it extra easy to handle and ideal as a form of scaffolding wrap. At FenceWrap, we offer you the choice to print whatever you would like on your shade cloth. You can print a simple logo or a full print image; although, you may prefer our PVC banner mesh if you’re looking to prioritize print impact. Shade cloth is loosely woven, which is excellent for wind permeability. However, because it is made of less fabric, it will not hold prints as well as other types of fence wrap. 

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to brand your business, shade cloth is the solution for you, whether you’re looking for plain shade cloth or printed shade cloth.

Dynamic Steel Frame Types Of Fence Mesh

PVC Banner Mesh 

Of the types of fence wrap we produce; we are most known for our PVC banner mesh. Like shade cloth, our PVC banner mesh remains a cost-effective form of advertising. Banner mesh, however, is more durable than shade cloth. If you would like a way to advertise for your company at multiple job sites, banner mesh is an excellent solution for you. Our banner mesh is reusable and can last up to three years! Like our shade cloth, it is made of woven material. However, our banner mesh has a PVC coating that holds prints exceptionally well. This makes the overall print impact for banner mesh higher than that of shade cloth. PVC banner mesh is excellent for advertising at your job site and crowd barriers at concerts and events.

We have 3 types of fence mesh utilizing our PVC banner mesh: our PrintMax, FenceWrap Classic, and BreezeMax. These three options vary in how tightly woven the material is; for example, our BreezeMax has larger holes in the fabric, making it fantastic for wind permeability. A higher wind permeability will mean less material, which will result in a lower print impact. Our PrintMax, on the other hand, has more material and less wind permeability with our best overall print impact. If you want a full-color image that feels like a picture on fence wrap, PrintMax is the type of fence wrap for you. If you wish to have a balance of the two, we offer our FenceWrap Classic. This type of banner mesh is extremely popular as it gives you the best of both worlds, wind permeability with a higher print impact.

Our PVC banner mesh rolls come sized 1.6m or 1.8m high by 50m. If you prefer your rolls to be shorter, we can cut them to the lengths you like, for example, five qty 10m rolls. If you need a larger roll, let us know, the fabric can be sewn together to manufacture an advertisement large enough to cover buildings! If you want something smaller, another option we provide is our EzyPanels. Our EzyPanels measure 1.6m or 1.8m by 2.4m and are made of the same material as our PrintMax banner mesh. This gives you the same incredible print impact as our PrintMax, at a fraction of the size. Regardless of how large you would like your advertisement to be, FenceWrap has a solution for you.

Amazing Types Of Fence Mesh Harden Bearings & Hardware

Polyester Mesh 

Our polyester mesh only comes in a full-print, meaning you’ll have a color background behind your image. The polyester material provides an excellent print impact. Unlike our banner mesh, that can last up to two years without significant fading of your image, the polyester material is not outdoor rated and does not hold up as well in direct sunlight. If you’re looking for a fantastic, short-term indoor advertisement, definitely have a look at polyester mesh.  

Why Choose FenceWrap

FenceWrap is the expert in the field of fencing wrap. We have consistently received positive feedback from our many valued customers in our nearly twenty years of doing business. We have many types of fence mesh to choose from, and we customize your fence mesh advertisement to suit you and your marketing goals.

Boss Electrical Awesome Types Of Fence Mesh

Seamless Manufacturing and Delivery Services 

FenceWrap can print whatever image you like on your selected types of fence mesh, and we even help with the artwork design at no additional cost. Your fence mesh is sent to you, finished at the top and bottom with buttonhole eyelets, so it is easy to install. It’s easy to order your fence wrap as well! Just measure the space you need covered in meters and send us your image in vector format. After you have approved a mock-up of your finished fence mesh and sent a 50% deposit, we’ll start working on the final product. 

We proudly print and manufacture in Australia, meaning our shipping costs are kept relatively low. You can expect to receive your fence mesh advertisement within seven ten days after you’ve approved your artwork and it’s sent into production. If you need your fence wrap sooner, let us know. We have several carriers we work with and can provide your advertisement in less time if requested. 

Flawless Customer Care

At FenceWrap, we genuinely value you and your business. That is why we have so many different types of fence mesh to choose from, to ensure we have a product that will please you. Call us at 1300 558 247 or through our contact page to leave us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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