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Types of Fence Mesh

Types of Fence Mesh

FenceWrap has been offering different types of fence mesh for many years now, we’ve done countless rolls of many different types of fence mesh and have plenty of customers coming back for more.

The types of fence mesh we have

We like to offer our customers as many different types of fence mesh as possible, so we offer a shade cloth, polyester mesh and pvc banner mesh.

Shade cloth

Our shade cloth mesh is the most common and highly sought after types of fence mesh around, it offers the cheapest price and its great value for money. The shade cloth can be printed with either a block print or a full print. A block print is essentially a white background with a company or logo repeated approximately 12 - 14 times for a 50metre roll. This types of fence mesh, shade cloth, also comes in a Full Print which allows the use of custom background colours and printing over the full length of the material.

PVC banner mesh

Another highly popular types of fence mesh is the PVC banner mesh, this material offers high durability and suits those people who may be looking to reuse the material at different sites. With all of the different types of fence mesh this product is more suitable for people who want something a little more appealing than the traditional shade cloth. This types of fence mesh also comes in a Block Print option and a Full Print option.

Polyester mesh

The Polyester mesh is a great material for people who are after a top quality visual appeal compared to all the other types of fence mesh available. The polyester mesh only comes in a Full Print option and in its finished form is miles ahead of the other types of fence mesh. Whilst the polyester may not be the most popular option when it comes to the types of fence mesh available, it is a product that is definitely worth considering.

Comparing us to other companies

Other companies may offer slightly different types of fence mesh when it comes to material options, how ever at FenceWrap we value our customers and treat everyone on an individual basis. We understand that just as there are different types of fence mesh, there are also different types of uses, and each customer has a different use for their mesh. We’ve also been in the industry long enough to know what are the main key purchase factors when buying your chosen mesh. Our price, product lead time, material quality and customer service make us stand out from the rest of the industry.

The process of buying types of fence mesh

Each types of fence mesh has its individual characteristics, therefor each material can fit different purposes. The main question that needs to be asked when in the initial stages of buying your fence mesh is what is the height and length of the area you wish to cover? You will then need to decided how detailed you would like your mesh, as the different types of fence mesh offer different printing options.

At FenceWrap, we do all of the artwork designs free of charge for all of our customers, logos will simply need to be in a vector format (.pdf, .eps. or .ai) and we can provide you with a mock up design. Once this design is approved in writing, we’ve received a 50% deposit payment we can send your order into production. Our standard turn around time is 7 days, however if you have a certain deadline that you require your FenceWrap by, let us know and we can try to speed along the process for you. The final 50% amount will be required prior to delivery.

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday 9-5 on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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