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Site Wrap

Although our company is called FenceWrap, our product is one that is very versatile and applicable to a lot of different applications.

Our products have been used in the past as fence wrap, scaffolding wrap, site wrap and many other applications. Probably the largest scale of printing that we have been involved in it our fence wrap being used as a site wrap.

See our different Site Wrap options.

Site Wrapping

Using printed shade cloth as a site wrap is not small feat by any measure. What it involves is covering the entire outside of a site with printing to produce an affect of some kind.

Construction site wrap

A common use for a site wrap is to cover the outside of a building in a printed fabric that resembles one of either two situations. First, the printing could represent what the building used to look like (if for example you are repainting the building) or it could be used to represent what the building will look like when finished (if the facade is being changed, or building is being built).

Non construction site wrap

Site wrap is not just limited to construction. You can also use site wrap if you are involved with festivals and carnivals. Fence wrap can be used on fencing but also as a large banner drape to cover private areas and special areas.

Site wrap fabric options

We have a range of different fabric available for different applications. Our view is that there is no universally suitable fabric and that is why we choose to offer a range of different fabrics. Our fabrics are available in two different types of printing, block printing of logos or full cover printing.

Shade Cloth

Our most popular and cost effective fabric is our shade cloth. The shade cloth is available in two different weights (50% block or 70%) and starts from $595 per 50m roll.

Polyester Mesh

The polyester mesh is a flag like material that produces a really really high quality printed image. The fabric is light and very vibrant in color. However, of all the fabrics it is the least resistant and therefore we suggest it only for temporary site wrap use or one off use (for example an annual festival).

PVC Mesh

The PVC mesh site wrap is our flag ship fabric. It will produce a very high quality print while at the same time being highly resistant to UV deterioration. For all the good the PVC provides, it is also our most expensive fabric option.

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