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Competitive Shadecloth Price: The Best Prices And The Best Quality

Competitive Shadecloth Price: The Best Prices And The Best Quality

Construction signage is visible all across Australia at construction sites and parks. Shadecloth is widely used due to its versatility and general affordability in advertising your business. Let’s discuss how fence screening can help your job site and how FenceWrap can fill all your printed or unprinted shadecloth needs. We offer the best shadecloth price that is unbeatable considering the quality of the material we use.

Temporary Shadecloth Price

The shadecloth price of your fence banner will vary depending on the material you choose, we have a few options depending on your requirements and budget. FenceWrap has various options so that regardless of your budget, you walk away with gorgeous printed banner for your job site. 

A1 Attics Best Shadecloth Prices

Shadecloth Uses

Shadecloth is made of woven HDPE mesh; this material is excellent for temporary fence screening. At FenceWrap we offer plain unprinted shadecloth in various colours in addition to our custom printed shadecloth


Shadecloth, like its name suggests, provides shade protection. This material is lightweight and has excellent performance in wind due to the weave nature of the fabric. FenceWrap’s shadecloth can be manufactured as large as you like, making it ideal for large fence banners at shadecloth price that you can afford. FenceWrap’s shade cloth printed scrim signage is expected to last for up to one year, meaning you can get plenty of use from this product.

Banner Mesh is a higher grade quality material which we sell in 50m rolls in two height options - 1.6m or 1.8m. We have 3 different materials, they are differentiated by their weave tightness and print impact. Depending on what's most important to you and the requirements of your project site may influence the banner mesh you choose. Our banner mesh range comes with a 2-3 year lifespan on the product, and the print has a two year no fade guarantee as we use genuine inks. 


If print impact is most important to you, we recommend PrintMax. It has the tightest weave of all three banner meshes available, meaning it has more material for the ink to print on, resulting in a more vivid print impact. As a result of a tighter weave, it has less holes for the wind to pass through. 

FenceWrap Classic

The goldilocks within our product range, FenceWrap Classic offers good wind performance and good print impact. It's our original mesh that we used as a base material to create our PrintMax and BreezeMax from our clients feedback on what they needed from their banner meshes performance.


If you’re looking for wind performance from our banner mesh range, BreezeMax is the product for you. Designed to have the best wind performance from our range, it’s great for project sites which are windy. It still has a good print impact, there is a noticeable difference when compared to PrintMax. 

Best Shadecloth Prices Aubury Autobarn

Recommended Uses of Shadecloth

There are many uses of shadecloth, whether it's plain or printed. We see the most common places to be; scaffolding, fixed temporary fencing, privacy screening, hoarding boards, crowd control barriers, dust control and even as art installations. 

Advertising! Printed shadecloth is an incredible, affordable, and simple way to advertise your company and attract new business. A printed shadecloth with your logo and business slogan makes your job site look more professional and sparks the interest of passers-by. You may use it as a site signage to keep the workers and passers-by aware about safety risks. 

At FenceWrap, we can print any image you’d like on your shade cloth for your construction site. All this and much more is included in shadecloth price offered by FenceWrap so get in touch with us to discuss further.


Our printed fence signage is a budget-friendly option and is a tried and tested way of branding especially while considering shadecloth price quoted by our experts. Our shade cloth rolls are sold in 1.8m by 50m rolls, which you can cut on site to fit your fence should you require. If you need a smaller option, check out our EzyPanels. No job is too big or small, at FenceWrap we offer our clients building banners to cover entire buildings! This is an affordable, versatile product that saves you money without skimping on quality. Hence depending on the size of the banner you need, the shadecloth price will vary accordingly.  

Printing On Your Custom Shadecloth

Printed shadecloth which is also known as scrim is an excellent choice for construction businesses. At FenceWrap we specialize in providing quality banner mesh in Adelaide and throughout Australia. Regardless of the material you choose for your scrim signage, the quality print you get from FenceWrap is always the same. 

We use the same printer and inks for all our products, whether you invest in shade cloth or banner mesh. Be mindful, the print impact will vary by the material you select, for example our PrintMax has a greater print impact than our BreezeMax. 

Duncan Pascoe Builders Shadecloth Prices

FenceWrap uses genuine inks and full-colour digital printing. This means we can create full, vibrant, coloured images for your site signage. Our genuine inks are guaranteed to last at least two years without any significant fading. Using printed fence wrap at your job site is invaluable for raising your brand awareness. Once your fence cloth is installed, you can focus your time and energy on more important matters, like completing your project to it’s highest standard while your printed fence wrap works hard for you!

Installing Your Printed Shadecloth

Installing your new fence signage is simple and easy. All you need are cable or zip ties and two people. It should take two people around 10-15 minutes to install one 50m roll. FenceWrap temporary fence cloth comes to you completed with buttonhole eyelets at the top and bottom for seamless installation. We recommend to attach your fence wrap securely to the fence, ensuring the shadecloth is taught to protect against sagging. When you are ready to remove your site signage, it’s as simple as cutting your cable ties and rolling your fence wrap up.

Purchasing Shadecloth

FenceWrap makes the process of purchasing your printed scrim simple and easy with the best shadecloth price. To get started, measure the area you would like your temporary fence cloth to cover. Send us your image in vector format (.pdf, .eps or, .ai), and we’ll create a mock-up of your design and send it to you for your approval. If graphics aren’t your thing, no stress, FenceWrap has a dedicated team ready to help with your artwork layout at no extra cost to you.

Once your design is approved, we require a 50 percent deposit before production can begin. Production of your printed scrim is completed between seven to ten days, after which your fence wrap is shipped to you. For banner mesh in Adelaide and Australia, our shipping is kept at a relatively low cost.

Why Choose FenceWrap Australia

As our name suggests, we are experts in fence wrap - printed or unprinted. We focus on quality products and customer satisfaction with our competitive shadecloth price. Our price is so competitive; you can even become a reseller, chat to us today to learn more. With over ten years of industry experience, we are confident in what we do. We have seen our clients achieve success with printed shadecloth advertisements, and we want that same success for you. At FenceWrap, we take pride in what we do. Our mission is to empower you to take charge of your company’s success by investing in quality, affordable shadecloth advertisements at very realistic shadecloth price. 

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