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We Have Shadecloth for Sale: Make the Right Decision Today!

We Have Shadecloth for Sale: Make the Right Decision Today!

For all your shadecloth needs, FenceWrap Australia has got you covered! We have nearly twenty years of experience producing shadecloth for sale, and we’ve been adjusting our product range to have the best products available. Our shadecloth for sale is produced quickly, so there’s no long wait to receive your product. With our top-notch customer service and stunning prints, FenceWrap makes purchasing your shadecloth seamless and straightforward.

Amazing Cladding Vic Shadecloth For Sale

Types of Shadecloth for Sale


Our shadecloth for sale comes in a variety of options - printed or unprinted rolls. FenceWrap customizes your shadecloth to suit your unique desires and needs. We manufacture our printed shadecloth in rolls measuring 1.8m by 50m. However, we can customize the size to be larger if you need; this makes shadecloth an excellent material for scaffolding wrap and larger projects. If you desire a smaller fencing wrap, check out our EzyPanels. Our shadecloth is delivered to you printed with your desired logo or design; this is great for promoting your business at your job site. 

We also offer unprinted shadecloth for sale. It’s available in various colours - beige, black, green, white and red. Just like the printed shadecloth, the rolls are 1.8m by 50m. With eyelets on the top and bottom of the rolls for ease of securing to your temporary fence/

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, our Banner Mesh is designed to be reusable and has a product of lifespan of 2-3 years. We offer two different sizes in our 50m rolls - either 1.6m or 1.8m high. In our range we have three different meshes available - they are all made from the same material, it’s the tightness of the weave which will change the print impact and the wind performance.


Designed to have the best print impact, our PrintMax has the tightest weave of all three meshes. As it has the tightest weave, it offers the most surface area for the printer to print on. This does affect the wind performance. We recommended this product when print impact is the most important factor for a jobsite.


BreezeMax, as the name suggests, has great wind performance. This is due to the mesh having the loosest weave of all three meshes. It still has a good print impact, only when it is directly compared to the PrintMax can you see the noticeable difference. We designed the BreezeMax for job sites which are windy, and required a product up for the challenge. 

FenceWrap Classic

Our FenceWrap Classic is our original banner mesh material we offered. It has good print impact and good wind performance, we saw the opportunity to further develop our product range to offer either a better print impact or a better wind performance for our clients.

Greenacres Hydromulching Amazing Shadecloth For Sale

Full-Colour Digital Printing

At FenceWrap we use quality digital printers for all your fence wrap needs, so no matter what material you choose for your fencing wrap, you’re always getting a consistent print quality. Full-printing available for our shadecloth means we can print whatever colours and images you would like onto your shadecloth. We can place a simple logo or a full picture, you decide. Digital printing makes it easy for you to send your image to us, just send your photo or design in vector format (.pdf, .eps, or .ai), and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Shadecloth is an affordable option; however, the material does not hold prints as well as our banner mesh options. If you’re willing to invest a bit more and would prefer a higher print impact, take a look at our PrintMax banner mesh.

Recommended Uses For Our Fence Wrap

Shadecloth provides construction sites, parks, playgrounds, etc., with dust protection and privacy. Because shadecloth is a lightweight, affordable material, it is the preferred choice for building scaffolding. Adding your logo or print to your temporary fencing wrap turns your shadecloth into a beautiful advertisement. We’ve seen our clients have tremendous success using their fencing wrap in this way.

Other uses include - building scaffolding, fixed or permanent fencing, privacy screens, hoarding, crowd control barriers, dust control and even art installations. 

tbc Shadecloth For Sale

Why Work With FenceWrap?

FenceWrap has been manufacturing shadecloth for sale since 2003. In that time, we have helped thousands of companies with their temporary fencing needs. When it comes to fence wrap, we are the experts. Our customers are consistently impressed with the service and quality products we provide, and they are continually providing us with excellent feedback. We are confident that we will provide you with an unmatched shadecloth price, quality product, and exceptional customer service. FenceWrap is proudly produced in Australia and offers low-cost shipping on all our products throughout the country. 

We make the process of purchasing shadecloth for sale hassle-free and straightforward. At FenceWrap we create our product with you in mind, literally as our shadecloth size and prints are customized especially for you. Just as easy as it is to purchase your shadecloth, it’s also effortless to install. FenceWrap will send your temporary fencing wrap to you, complete with buttonhole eyelets, so all you need to attach your fencing wrap are cable or zip ties. Our 50m rolls, on average, take two people fifteen minutes to install.

How To Purchase Shadecloth For Sale

Our shadecloth is simple to purchase. Just measure the area you would like to cover with your shadecloth in meters and send us your desired logo or image in vector format. Once we’ve received your photo, we’ll create a mock-up of the finalized product for you to approve. After you have approved the mock-up design and sent a 50% deposit, your shadecloth production will begin. Our production time for any printed fencing wrap is prompt. We will have your fencing wrap completed within seven to ten business days; however, if you’re on a tight schedule, let us know, and we can get your shadecloth to you sooner. We are incredibly transparent and will keep you updated throughout the production of your fencing wrap, so you never have to wonder when it will arrive.

Jagh Group Shadecloth For Sale

Let’s Partner Together For Your Next Branding Opportunity

For all your shadecloth for sale needs, look no further than FenceWrap. Our friendly team is here to chat Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, give us a call at 1300 558 247 and let’s get you on your way to a fence wrap signage solution that works for you! Alternatively you can reach us on our contact page, leave us a message and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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