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Shade Cloth for Fence Advertising

Shade Cloth for Fence Advertising

Using shade cloth for fence advertising is a smart way to take advantage of the large space that is provided on shade cloth.  Often the lengths of fencing can be many meters in length and with nearly two meters of height available, this area makes for great advertising space.

Different sizes of shade cloth for fence advertising

We offer a range of different fabric options when it comes to shade cloth for fencing, basically because people are all after different things. We try not to force a particular fabric or choice on people and rather just give you all the options required for you to make an informed decision.

There is no such thing as the “best” shade cloth for fence advertising but there are a few different options when it comes choice. We offer not only shade cloth, but also a PVC mesh which is a higher quality shade cloth. Unlike the shadecloth which is a woven HDPE material, the PVC mesh is acutally a vinyl layer applied to a nylon core. This PVC mesh has a much better life span when compared to shade cloth for fence advertising.

How to brand shade cloth for fence advertising

Offer two different types of printing for our shade cloth. Basically the difference between the two is that one print style allows a repeating logo on a white background, while the other allows 100% coverage of the material.

Block printing

As the name suggests, block printing involves only printing certain “blocks” of the material. Generally what we offer with this printing style is 12-14 repeated versions of the logo per 50m roll.

There is no rule as to what you can print on your shade cloth for fence advertising with a block print, only as long as under 50% of the fabric is not printed. This means if you like, you could print photos or full color backgrounds, but only on repeating “blocks” on the fabric.

Full printing

Again, as the name suggest a full print means a full 100% coverage of the material. This is probably the most popular printing on shade cloth for fence advertising as it takes advantage of the entire space on the cloth.

If you consider the fact that the cost difference between the two styles of printing is not great, it makes good financial and marketing sense to go with the full print over the block print. Feel free to check out our pricing page to see the differences between these two printing options.

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