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Innovative Marketing: Shade Cloth for Fence Advertising

Innovative Marketing: Shade Cloth for Fence Advertising

Kilometres of fencing are erected every year in Australia in high traffic areas - around construction sites and outdoor events. Left blank and unadorned, these fences represent wasted advertising opportunities, translating into hundreds and thousands of lost marketing dollars. As a result, companies across the country, from Hobart to Brisbane, have found shade cloth for fence advertising to be an innovative and highly effective method of marketing their brand and offerings. Our range of products includes mesh fence wraps and printed shade cloth as popular options for temporary fence signage. 

Why Shade Cloth Is An Effective Advertising Strategy?

Shade cloth for fence advertising, like other outdoor advertising mediums, is a particularly effective tool in your marketing strategy – but without the expense of billboards. Not only does it enable the advertiser to capture the attention of a mass market during their daily commute, but at the same time targets a local audience, without being annoyingly intrusive.

Shade Cloth For Fence Advertising Harden Bearings

High frequency of exposure and being always visible are other overwhelming advantages. Your audience, whether they are passersby or visitors, are more likely to see your advertising more than once. This reinforces your brand recognition and ensures that a message is absorbed and retained over time.

With the many metres of shade cloth for fence advertising space provided by the fencing around your outdoor events or construction sites, your investment in fencing can also pay its own way. This is not only by providing a highly visible advertising platform for yourself and your business partners, but also by selling temporary fence signage to other companies for product announcements or promotions. 

Shade cloth for fence advertising with your custom printing can be used for a variety of purposes from announcing an outdoor concert, community or fundraising event or showcasing your construction project with renders and imagery.

Benefits Of Shade Cloth For Fence Advertising

Commonly, shade cloth can provide shade and UV protection, but also to prevent dust dispersion and to provide some privacy. Today, however, it has moved beyond the ambit of garden centres and hiding unsightly construction sites, and is being used increasingly as an affordable, versatile and no-nonsense method of temporary fence signage. Fence wrapping with shade cloth now serves a multitude of purposes. These include obscuring the public’s view of untidy sites, sectioning off areas for privacy or safety reasons, dust control and sun protection, while simultaneously promoting your business or project. 

Printed banner mesh is simple to install as temporary fence signage and easy to customise to fit your project site. With the advances in digital printing, shade cloth, like fence banner mesh, can be printed in full colour glory. Whatever you choose to showcase, be it your company logo, text, images or contact details, you can be confident of an end result that is professional and with good detail and colour crispness. 

Shade Cloth For Fence Advertising JKS Builders

Printed banner mesh endures most types of climates as temporary fence signage without disintegrating. With digital printing advertisers no longer have the problems of colours running or scratching off as was the case in the past with screen printing.

We have three options when it comes to our banner mesh - with an option to suit almost all applications. They all are available in 1.6m or 1.8m heights in lengths of 50m. They are all the same material, its the tightness of the weave which changes their wind performance and the perceived print quality. All are sent through the same printer using the same quality inks, so you’re getting the same high quality product no matter what you choose!


Our PrintMax offers our clients the best print impact available in our range of meshes. It has the tightest weave of all our meshes, meaning it has the most surface area for the ink to print on. As a consequence, it means there are less holes for the wind to move through, so we always recommend that this is for a low wind site. This is a really popular option when clients have a need for the highest print for their shade cloth for fence advertising. 

FenceWrap Classic

All roads start somewhere, and FenceWrap Classic is the first mesh we started with. It has a great balance of print impact and wind performance. So this is the goldilocks of our product range, it’s right in the middle of our banner mesh options.


As the name suggests, BreezeMax has the largest possible holes designed into the weave of the mesh. It’s a go to option for construction sites and alike that need a mesh to withstand windy conditions. Due to the BreezeMax having the largest holes, the print impact isn’t as sharp when compared to PrintMax. Don’t get us wrong, it still has a fantastic print impact especially considering it’s been designed for windier conditions. 

Wagga AirForce Shade Cloth For Fence Advertising

How To Effectively Grab Your Audience

Always keep in mind that the audience viewing your fence advertising is generally mobile. Whether they are travelling in vehicles or passing your fence advertising on foot, the potential viewing time is limited to only a few seconds.

Because of this, conceptualising and designing your fence advertising requires not only creativity but also experienced eyes to create the perfect advertisement tailored to you and your brand. 

Ask yourself a number of questions when finalising your design.

1. Can your audience read the copy at a distance and when he or she is moving, and can they understand the idea quickly?

2. Are the illustrations visible from a distance and are they relevant to your brand offering, message or the product you are promoting? 

3. Does your concept involve or intrigue your audience. Teasers to generate excitement around, for example, the launch of a new shopping complex or promotional sales, work really effectively as temporary fence signage to grab the attention of potential customers. 

Maximise Your Message

An advantage of shade cloth for fence advertising is the length and scale of the potential advertising canvas. So while many companies rightly choose fence advertising to promote their brand and contact details, there is also space for simple messaging. But keep it brief and not too complex.

In summary, while shade cloth for fence advertising is without a doubt a very powerful marketing tool, as with any form of advertising, make sure you convey the right message, to the right audience.

Also, be sure to integrate your fence advertising into your overall marketing strategy, for example, printing your website, facebook or twitter details on the temporary fence signage.

Devcon Shade Cloth For Fence Advertising

Easy To Install

Printed shade cloth for fence advertising is provided as a roll of mesh that is printed on one side only. It is available from FenceWrap in rolls of 50m length, easy should you wish to cut to size on site. Finished with button-hole eyelets, it is easy for you to install and remove when required. All you need is two people, zip or cable ties and it should take you 10-15min to install one 50m roll.

Fence wrap be it in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, has proved again and again to be an effective marketing tool. While FenceWrap provides a range of products including mesh fence wraps, printed shade cloth is the go-to solution for fencing scrim and temporary fence signage. 

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