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Shade Cloth Banners – The Modern Advertising

Shade Cloth Banners – The Modern Advertising

You are passionate about what you do, and your company strives to provide value to your clients. Quality advertising is crucial to share your message and increase your impact. Traditionally, advertising is incredibly expensive; effective advertising campaigns are reserved for businesses with the finances to invest in enormous advertising efforts. Now, thanks to shade cloth banners, anyone can afford to advertise their business successfully. Shade cloth banners are a unique, and affordable advertisement that allows you to increase your brand awareness with limited resources and ease. FenceWrap is the leading producer of mesh banners in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Shade cloth banners are essential for effective advertising.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth consists of a woven mesh material. FenceWrap offers a variety of options for your construction site banners; with shade cloth banners being our most affordable choice. Investing in these banners has many benefits, such as weather protection at your construction site, privacy, and our personal favourite: advertisements. 

Shade Cloth Banner Advertisement

Advertising with Building Banners

Let’s be honest, an open construction site is unappealing to the general public. Investing in beautifully printed shade cloth banners makes your worksite look professional and organized. This is the key in attracting clients and impressing your current investors. Professional site banners catch the attention of passers-by who are no doubt curious about your project. Your building banner can even have the image of your final project. If it’s a shop, this will get people excited to visit once your project is completed. If you’re building residential housing, you can add contact information and use your site banners to attract buyers to your building. The possibilities are endless.

Shade Cloth Banners and Savings

When it comes to advertising, investing in shade cloth banners for your job site is second only to billboards. Billboards are expensive and attached to only one location; if you invest in a billboard, you better hope it’s in a prime location. FenceWrap sells shade cloth in rolls of 50m, or larger, you let us know what you need, and we’ll manufacture it for you. For smaller signs, check out our EzyPanels.

Banner Mesh allow you to take control of your advertising. Advertising banners for your building are a cost-effective advertising solution. Besides their relatively low cost, site banners can be used where ever you like, so long as there is a fence or building to hang them on. This gives you the flexibility to experiment and find what works best for you. Perhaps you place your building advertising banners right in front of your job site, then notice your site's opposite side attracts more traffic. 

Banner mesh banners are easy to install and relocate; this gives you the flexibility to find the perfect spot for your advertisement and get the most return on your investment. Banner Mesh is also reusable. Investing in one banner mesh roll can provide you with an advertising solution for multiple locations.

Parramatta Council Shade Cloth Banner

As well as Shade Cloth rolls, we also specialize in Banner Mesh rolls. The main difference, Banner Mesh rolls are designed to last 2-3 years. It is a different material which comes in three different grades, depending on what your requirements are for your fence wrap. All banner mesh rolls are 50m in length and available in two different heights - 1.6m and 1.8m. Both finished with eyelets and hemmed ready to attach to your job site.


Our PrintMax is designed to have the best print impact of any of our meshes. It has the tightest weave, meaning there is more mesh for the printer to print on. On the flip side, it means less wind can pass through - so not the best for windy conditions. A go to for our clients when they want to have the best print impact from their fence wrap. 


On the opposite side, we have designed our BreezeMax to have the loosest weave of all three banner meshes. This allows for maximum airflow, a go to for our clients who need a fence wrap for their windy job sites. When compared in a line up, you can see the print impact difference - this is perceived. When applied to your temporary fence, the print impact is great!

FenceWrap Classic

Sitting in the middle we have our FenceWrap Classic, designed to meet the needs of our clients with - good print impact and good wind capabilities. This is actually our first fabric we started with and designed PrintMax and BreezeMax to meet our clients requirements. 

Chuditch Design And Construction Shade Cloth Banner

With fence mesh banners, you no longer need to be committed to one over-priced billboard that may or may not attract revenue for your business. FenceWrap’s banner mesh rolls are sturdy and built to last. Once your site banner is installed, you can forget it’s there and carry on with the rest of your work. Then, when you’re ready to move onto another project, you can take your building’s advertising banners with you and continue creating brand awareness at your next job site. 


FenceWrap offers incredible prices for banner mesh. Our great prices, coupled with our impeccable quality, make our shade cloth perfect for those looking to make a profit reselling shade cloth. If you’re interested in reselling opportunities, please contact us to discuss available options.

Printing Your Custom Shade Cloth Banners

You may be wondering what you can print on your shade cloth banners; the answer is there are no limits! Whatever your image is, we can print it. FenceWrap uses full-colour digital printers for all our fence mesh banners. We use genuine inks that have a two-year, no significant fade guarantee; this means your building’s advertising banners will have an increased lifespan, increasing your return on your investment. Site banners allow you to be seen at a greater distance; FenceWrap’s mesh banners can be seen up to thirty meters away!

We use the same printer for all our products, so the quality is consistent regardless of your budget. However, the print impact will vary depending on the material you choose for your building banner. For example, shade cloth is our lowest priced material. While it will make a great advertisement, the print impact is not as good as our PVC banner mesh. Shade cloth is best for simple designs, with only a few colours. If you desire a bold, full-print banner mesh advertisement, we recommend our PrintMax for the best print impact. 

Building Banners that Last

FenceWrap banners are built to last, giving you a quality advertisement. Our shade cloth banners have an expected life span of up to one year. Shade cloth is best used for temporary projects, as it is not meant to be reused.

FenceWrap’s banner mesh has an expected lifespan up to three years with our PVC banner mesh being our highest quality option. While this is our most expensive option, keep in mind that you’ll be able to transport your site banners between different locations, increasing your advertisement’s longevity and return on investment because it is reusable.

Regardless of the material you choose for your fence mesh banners, this is an advertisement that will last your company at least a year, much longer than the disposable paper flier or monthly billboard. 

St Pauls College Shade Cloth Banner

Why Trust FenceWrap for Your Site Banners?

FenceWrap is the best of the best when it comes to shade cloth bannersFenceWrap provides a quality product at an unbeatable price. Our customer support team is attentive, making the purchasing process of your site banners simple and stress free. Just let us know how large you need your banner mesh to be, and send us your images and logos, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can even help design your fence wrap, it’s included in the cost of all our printed products! 

FenceWrap shade cloth banners are sent to you, finished with buttonhole eyelets, all you need for installation are cable or zip ties. Installation is simple, it should take 10-15 minutes with two people. Just start at the start and unroll and tie to the fence.

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FenceWrap has been providing quality mesh banners to Melbourne and all across Australia for over ten years. Our experience and dedication to excellence are unmatched. Call us on 1300 557 247 today to take control of your advertising with shade cloth banners.

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