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Printing Mesh

Printing Mesh

Here at FenceWrap, we specialize in all things printing mesh. Whether you are required by council regulations to cover up your construction site, or you want it to put on temporary fencing for your event, we have the perfect solution for you.

Printing Mesh Fabric Options

When it comes to your printing mesh, we want to ensure you get the perfect product. That’s why we offer a wide range of fabric options to suit each and every different situation. When choosing a fabric, there are many things to consider. Where are you using it? How detailed do you require the printing? How long will you be using it? What block out do you require? We’ll go through all of these things to help choose one of our great printing mesh fabrics. We have shade cloth, polyester and PVC, each with their own benefits

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is the most popular printing mesh option.  It a very common fabric, often seen used in schools, gardens, parks, nurseries and even the home. The shade cloth prints well, but not as detailed as polyester or PVC. If you want to print a photograph or something similar, I’d suggest not using the shade cloth.

Polyester Mesh

Polyester Mesh is a light weight and very easy to use material. If you want your printing mesh to be bright and detailed then this fabric is perfect. Because it is a lighter material is is not really recommended for long term outdoor use and is best used in sheltered areas.


PVC is the best of the best. It is really heavy duty and will last a lifetime. It comes in mesh, or 100%. This printing mesh produces a fantastic quality print.

Places You Can Use Printing Mesh

At FenceWrap we dont like to limit the places available for where you can use your printing mesh so all of our materials come with eyelets and edging top and bottom. This allows our customers to use their printing mesh on either temporary fencing, cyclone fencing, scaffolding or even hoarding, there is no limitation. Our printing mesh can with hold the harshest of climate conditions so come rail, hail or shine there is no need to worry about your printing mesh.

Different things you can print on Printing Mesh

It is totally up to you what you would like to print on your material, we don’t limit the number of colours or inks when it comes to choosing your design. We have two options when it comes to all of our printing mesh. Our block printing means that you use a white background with a company logo repeating 12-14 times. The full print option allows the customer to print over the entire roll width and length.

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