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Printing Mesh to Fit Your Construction and Event Needs

Printing Mesh to Fit Your Construction and Event Needs

Printing mesh banners and mesh fence wraps for use on construction sites and at outdoor events is not only a cost-effective, highly visible and persuasive marketing and signage tool, but it is also a very versatile product. Whether you need temporary fencing mesh, fence banner mesh or custom mesh banners, FenceWrap’s range allows you to choose the product and product grade to suit your exact site requirements.

Chuditch Design And Construction Printing Mesh

Printing Mesh To Make Your Business Stand Out

Incorporating printing mesh into your marketing activities is very popular these days in the construction and event industry. Not only does the mesh provide such benefits as; dust control, hides messy construction sites, and it also provides a light shade. Elevating your fence wrap to include your business name, contact information, even photos of your in-progress project and event details. There is no limit to how much you can print on your fence wrap - only limited to your imagination. 

Choosing Between Fabric Mesh And Banner Mesh 

Firstly, we would always start with what’s most important to you. There is no one size fits all, as every site is different and every application is different. A great starting place is to look at the following - what’s your investment into fence wrap, are you looking for wind performance or preference print impact.

By starting with these three key points, it will assist in pointing you to the right product within our range. If you’re limited in your budget, or only looking to use once, a shade cloth might be the product for you. It’s available in plain or you can custom print as well. It’s got a life span of one year, so great for short term projects, and when you’re not looking to reuse for future projects. 

Fantasea Cruising Magnetic Awesome Printing Mesh

If print impact and wind performance is important to you, take a look at our banner mesh range. There are 3 different options, so depending on budget, we’ve got you covered. All options will last you 2 - 3 years with no fade guarantee on the print, so a great product if you’re looking to reuse in the future and different project sites.

Which Banner Mesh To Choose?

While all banner mesh is suited to outdoor use, the three different grades of mesh offer you the opportunity to achieve the right balance between print impact, cost and suitability to the elements.


As PrintMax has the tightest weave of all three fabrics, meaning more fabric to hold the ink, it is FenceWraps’s top of the range banner mesh in terms of print impact. But the tighter weave also means less air permeability, allowing 30% of the airflow through, so PrintMax should be selected when print impact and not wind resistance is your highest priority. Recommended applications for PrintMax include permanent fencing, banners or wraps for scaffolding and hoardings where the printing mesh process provides photo quality and is sure to make a big impact on passers-by.

FenceWrap Classic

If your priority is both good print impact and airflow, then FenceWrap Classic mesh is the way to go. This banner mesh provides a good compromise between print impact and air permeability, allowing 36% of the air to flow through the fabric. It’s our original banner mesh fabric that we used as a base mesh to then go on to create PrintMax and BreezeMax based on customer needs and feedback.


With an air permeability that allows 50% of the air to flow though, BreezeMax is the choice for windy areas and applications such as temporary fencing mesh. While the printing impact is still good, the fabric does have a much looser weave and therefore holds less ink in the printing mesh process. So choose this mesh where your greatest need is for your fence mesh banners or wrapping to withstand higher wind speeds.

Monkey Pig Printing Mesh Amazing Design

Customising Your Printing Mesh

FenceWrap uses high quality, full colour digital printing to provide you with an attention-grabbing print impact for your mesh fence wraps, be it for fence banner mesh, fence mesh wrapping or custom mesh banners.

As a quick and cost-effective method of printing mesh, we use digital printing, which prints directly from the artwork created on computer. With the incredible advances in technology, printing mesh with digital printing offers the same high quality, full coverage printing as the other, more traditional and expensive methods. However, digital printing has the added ability to print using white ink, or any colour you can conceive of – unleashing your creativity when designing and printing mesh.  

How Is Banner Mesh Supplied?

All three grades of banner mesh are supplied to customers in rolls of up to 50m lengths, choosing between 1.6m or 1.8m in height. You can easily cut the rolls into the required sizes on site or we can also cut the roll into shorter length rolls for you before delivery. 

Our standard EzyPanels make for the perfect mesh fence banners to dot around your site as signage or as advertising. Standard sizing is 1.6m / 1.8m x 2.4m, but once again we customize a banner to your required size, whether it be for a hoarding or for fence mesh banners.

All our mesh products are provided with eyelets, for easy installation. A 50m roll with two people will take around 10-15 minutes. All you’ll need is cable or zip ties to secure to the fence. And then it’s very minimal maintenance from there, just ensuring it’s secured tightly to the fence to assist with wind performance. 

Is My Printing Mesh Reusable?

One of the advantages of our mesh products is the fact they are long lasting, easy to install, remove and store, making them very reusable.

Our banner mesh options are designed to last 2-3 years, depending on your location within Australia - the lower the UV, you’ll expect closer to the 3 years. All our banner mesh options come with a 2 year no fade guarantee, which is a credit to our high quality inks.

TB Kart Printing Mesh Great Advertisement

The full range of our mesh products, including our custom mesh banners, are available for sale throughout Australia. We provide a full service from assisting with design and printing mesh through to cutting and assembling the mesh products to your size requirements.

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