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Create Resonating Impact With Printed Shadecloth

Create Resonating Impact With Printed Shadecloth

Shadecloth has a variety of applications on construction sites. At FenceWrap we strive to encourage Australians to maximize their advertising impact with printed shadecloth. As our name suggests, we are the industry leader of printed fence wrap. With nearly 20 years of experience assisting businesses, we’re confident that adding your logo to your custom shadecloth will increase your business’ reach.

Monkey Pig Brewery Printed Shadecloth


Shadecloth is made of a woven HDPE mesh; this material is often used to line park fences to provide shade. Shadecloth also comes in a variety of sizes, making it an excellent scaffolding wrap for construction sites. This material offers shade and protection against the elements, as well as dust control and privacy. FenceWrap provides a variety of options for your temporary fence signage needs; while our signature PrintMax banner mesh provides a better print impact, shade cloth is our most affordable option. 

Uses For Temporary Fencing Shade Cloth

An open construction site is an unpleasant sight for the general public; an open construction site is also more vulnerable to theft. There are three major reasons why investing in a temporary fencing shadecloth is crucial to your project’s success. 

Printed Shadecloth Level Crossing Removals


Privacy! Shadecloth fence wrap provides privacy at your job site. A shadecloth will help your workers feel more comfortable on the job site and increase their job performance. No one wants to worry about being watched by curious passersby. An open construction site is also an easy target for theft. Think of an uncovered construction site like leaving your valuables on the backseat of your car; anyone can look in and see what’s there. The privacy a fence wrap provides works to shield your valuables from onlookers, decreasing your chances of becoming a victim of theft.

One can bet that, depending on the specifications and requirements of your construction project, we’ll offer you the most cost effective printed shadecloth that will not only offer privacy but will also grab the attention of your prospective clients.


Shadecloth used as scaffolding wrap helps to  protect your project and workers against the elements. Shadecloth provides an added layer of protection against heavy wind and rain. As its name suggests, it also provides shade from the sun. The insulation against the elements that scaffolding wrap provides prevents weather damage to your building and protects your employees, ultimately increasing your overall productivity. 


Given the uses listed above, chances are your site is already going to invest in some form of shadecloth. This is why FenceWrap recommends adding your logo to your shadecloth. This turns your site into an advertisement for potential customers. 

Investing in a printed shadecloth is a simple and easy way to let people know who you are. FenceWrap printed shadecloth can be visible up to thirty meters away! Once your shadecloth is installed, your logo becomes visible to countless passersby.

Temporary fence signage is akin to a billboard in its size and visibility. FenceWrap’s inks have a two-year, no significant fade guarantee; this ensures that your image will stand out and stay clear for a substantial time.

Printed Shadecloth Mitre10

Shadecloth Signage With A Lasting Impact

FenceWrap shadecloth has an expected lifespan of up to one year. By printing your logo onto your project sites shadecloth, you’re investing in an advertisement that is good for up to one year. Whereas a billboard might share your message for one month, your shadecloth will be up throughout your work on your job site.

FenceWrap shadecloth is our most affordable option. This is ideal if you are looking for a temp fence sign with no expectation of re-using it at other job sites. However, if you are looking for reusable temporary fence signage, our PVC banner mesh options have an expected life span of up to two years. The material quality is better, and it is easy to reuse and  transport to different job sites. We have three unique banner mesh options - PrintMax, BreezeMax, and our FenceWrap Classic

Sizes Of Temporary Fencing Shadecloth 

FenceWrap temporary fencing shadecloth rolls typically measure 1.8m x 55m. However, we can manufacture our shade cloth to whatever size you need. When using as scaffolding wrap it can cover the entire building. Just measure the area you need your shadecloth to cover in meters, and our team will make it happen. Do note that whatever print you choose for your printed shadecloth, the first and last 2.5m will not be printed. 

How To Purchase Printed Shadecloth

FenceWrap uses a quality printer with full-colour digital printing. This means we can print any image with all the colours you could want. Making our printing digital also helps to cut down on costs. Once you have the measurements for the space you want to be covered, send FenceWrap the logo or image you’d like printed onto your custom shadecloth in vector format (.pdf, .eps, or .ai). 

After receiving your image, FenceWrap will create a mock-up design of your custom shadecloth. Once we receive your written approval of the mock-up design, you’ll need to submit a 50% deposit before production can begin. Production of your printed shadecloth will be completed within 7-10 days. After completion, your printed shadecloth is shipped to you. 

If you need shadecloth in Brisbane or other parts of Australia, you’re in luck! We’re based in Melbourne and send shadecloth all over Australia, keeping the costs low.

Installation Of Your Project Sites Shadecloth

Our shadecloth comes finished with buttonhole eyelets at the top and bottom for easy installation. All you need are cable ties, a 50m roll should take two people about fifteen minutes. We recommend that you tightly secure your printed shadecloth; this will prevent any tears due to sagging or wind.

Linfox Printed Shadecloth

Becoming A Reseller

At FenceWrap we love the entrepreneurial spirit! That’s why our business is all about helping your business through simple, affordable temporary fence mesh advertisements. To become a reseller of our printed shadecloth, simply contact us to discuss opportunities. We can provide resellers with a competitive price for you to still be competitive after factoring in your own margins. Not only will you be able to provide your customers with quality printed and unprinted shadecloth, but with a fair price as well. 

Get In Touch With Us

Whether you want to be a reseller or you are a construction business and wish to get hands on a printed shadecloth to maximise your brand awareness at your next project site, you can find help through our FAQs. Want to chat, call us on 1300 55 82 47 to speak to one of our friendly team members to learn more about our range and what suits your next project site. Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll be in contact shortly. Or come and visit us in person and see our industry leading products yourself, more details on the contact page.

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