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Printed Mesh

Printed Mesh

Here are FenceWrap we are experts when it comes to printing and specifcally when it comes to printed mesh. Generally we use this fabric mesh for putting on fences, specifically printed with the brands and images of building companies or about specific events, but the application of printed mesh extends well beyond just that of those industries.

It’s actually a very straight forward and simple process to print mesh. It is basically the same process as printing a solid banner, but instead we simply use a mesh fabric instead of a normal fabric. This means that we are able to reproduce the high quality images you are used to with a solid banner, but just on a mesh fabric.

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Our Printed Mesh

There are however several options when it comes to choosing the fabric. When choosing a fabric, there are a few factors to take into consideration which include, but are not limited to the following.

The fabrics life outdoors

Different fabrics are clearly suited to different applications and this must be taken into consideration when choosing a printed mesh. The first thing we will do is ask you exactly what your using your mesh for and from there, based on our experiance and knowledge, we will make a reccomendation as to what would best suit your needs.

Something like the shade cloth mesh will have a good longevity in the sun, however the quality of the printing on it is not as good as something like the 100% PVC banner mesh. This is because the banner mesh has more surface area to print on and therefore results in a high qualitty, more detailed print.

On the hand, there is also the fabric mesh. This mesh produces a very very vibrant and high quality print, but unlike the other two fabrics is not really suited to constant outdoor use as like any fabric, UV will start to deteriorate it. Of course, this happens over the long term, so this fabric is absolutely suited to someone who would use it several times a year for a few weeks at a time, but here I am considering someone who would use it 24/7 for years and years.

The longevity of the print

We use high quality inks which have been UV stabilised and this ensures that the printed mesh stays vibrant for a long time, maintaining its impact.

Some other suppliers can produce cheaper printed mesh, but by doing this you are comprimising things like ink quality and fabric quality. Really, this is the point where someone would say “You really do get what you pay for”. We prefer not to compromise on quality and finish and from this we try to be as competitive as possible on price.

More than just printed mesh

If you’re interested in more than printed mesh, we also cater to people that want a solid banner printing by offering our 100% PVC fabric.

This is effectively a banner vinyl that has been chosen specifically for hoardings and building signage. This will produce the best quality print and will be visible from a great distance without issue.

The only thing to consider with a banner print is that there are no perforations to allow air to pass through it easily like a printed mesh, so we recommend it only for hoardings or building signage, not for putting onto a fence.

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