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Outdoor Advertising Done Right With Printed Mesh Banners

Outdoor Advertising Done Right With Printed Mesh Banners

First impressions count. And this is a proven fact. If you use printed mesh banners outside your business or site to advertise, then you are guaranteed to be making the best possible first impression you can. Visitors and passers-by will straight away see what your business is all about and will absorb its key messages. 

This makes printed mesh banners one of the most powerful advertising tools at your disposal. And want to know the best bit? It needn’t cost as much as you’d think! Where hiring advertising billboards costs potentially thousands of dollars, personalised printed mesh banners cost a fraction of the price but have just the same powerful impact.

The beauty of printed mesh banners is they are basically a blank canvas that gives you the opportunity to use the space however you want, to advertise your business or project. Using full and digital printing, the quality of the imagery on the banners is as good as any photo, guaranteeing both clarity and impact.

Printed Mesh Banners Randwick City Council

Whats My Choice Of Printed Mesh Banners

There are a number of options available which can be tailored according to your specific requirements. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll know which is the right mesh for you!

1. How important is print impact to you?

2. What do you want to print on the mesh?

3. Where will your mesh be installed?

4. How long will it be installed and do you want to use it again?

By identifying your needs through these questions, you’ve half way there to ordering your new printed mesh banner!

From our range, you’ve got a few options - ranging from material choice through to print impact. Below is a breakdown of our products for printed mesh banners.

Monkey Pig Brewery Printed Mesh Banners

FenceWrap offers three different grades of banner mesh, to make sure that any eventuality in terms of weather, location and longevity is catered for.

PrintMax has the smallest holes which means that more of the ink is absorbed into the mesh, creating the ultimate in print impact. This is the perfect option if the look of the banner is the most important factor and weather is not an issue.

If on the other hand, weather in general and wind in particular, has to be allowed for in selecting what grade of printed mesh banner to select, then BreezeMax is the one for you. This has the largest holes which means that less ink stays on the banner but at the same time, it ensures the most air permeability.

The best of both worlds, FenceWrap Classic has medium sized holes giving adequate air permeability but without losing too much print impact. This is one of the most popular FenceWrap products for this reason.

All of our banner mesh rolls come with a two year no significant fade guarantee, making this the ideal material to go for if it’s needed for a longer term project. They additionally have a 2 - 3 year lifespan, depending on your location within Australia, lower UV states will get a longer lifespan than say NT or QLD.

100% PVC

If print impact is very important to you and you want the crispest print possible, Hoarding Banners are the product for you. It’s best suited to hoarding which is sturdy and can withstand the elements. 

The pro is it’s got the best print impact possible, con it has no weave in the fabric so it offers no wind permeability. So if you’re planning on installing this on a temporary fence, we’d make the suggestion of PrintMax instead - best mesh print impact with a weave in the fabric to account for the elements. 


If you’re looking for printed mesh banners and don’t need a 50m roll, then EzyPanels are a great product. They come in two sizes - 1.6m or 1.8m high by 2.4m wide. 

We’ve designed these to suit temporary fence panels, so just measure your fence and order the quantity that you need. 

The panels are made from our PrintMax material, so you’ll be getting the best print impact from our mesh range, with the added benefit of a weave to allow for wind permeability!

Printed Mesh Banners Russell Clark

How Do I Order My Printed Mesh Banner

It couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is measure the length of the potential mesh banner, select the material, and then send any logo or imagery (high quality, vector format) and the rest is up to us. 

Our design service is included in the cost of the rolls and banners, and we’d be delighted to use our experience of close to 20 years to create your dream printed mesh banners. 

Having worked with literally thousands of clients over the years, there really isn’t anything we haven’t seen and we make sure that all our designs fulfil the brief of being eye-catching and offering maximum impact. 

Advances in the production process mean that we can turn a job around in less than a week and we’re always happy to try and work with your time frame in order to send you the finished product as soon as we can.

How Do I Install My New Printed Mesh Banner 

Again, it couldn’t be easier. We have worked hard to simplify the process as much as we can, so that you can get your mesh banner up as quickly and easily as possible, so it can start working for you straight away.

All printed mesh banners have eyelets at the top and bottom of the material, so they can be easily attached to any fence, hoarding or barrier with plastic cable or zip ties. 

You’ll need zip ties to attach the printed mesh banner to your fence, and it should take two people 10-15mins to install a 50m roll.

Autobarn Printed Mesh Banners Awesome Design

What Makes Our Printed Mesh Banners Stand Out

  • Ease of use
  • Quality of design 
  • Great print impact
  • High standard of customer service
  • Value for money
  • Long-lasting and durable

Let’s Get Started

Make sure you get your printed mesh banners working for you today. Any blank space outside your business or site is a wasted advertising opportunity, and the potential impact of using this available space to promote your business is priceless.

Reaching our customer support is the easiest thing you can do to discuss your options for printed mesh banners. Simply dial 1300 558 247 or use our contact page to leave us a message and one of our advisors will be in touch shortly. 

We’re here to educate you to pick the right material for your banner and here to support you to bring your branding to life!

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