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Printed Fence Mesh

Printed Fence Mesh

Printed fence mesh is fast becoming not only a solution to cover up unsightly renovation and construction sites and boring temporary fences but a valuable advertising tool.  FenceWrap have a variety of solutions and are guaranteed to find the perfect printed fence mesh option for you.

See our different Printed Fence Mesh options

Printing Options

We can print absolutely anything you want. Our digital printing method allows us to print even the most detailed of logos. We have two different options to choose from when choosing your printed fence mesh.

Block Printing

Probably the most common printing is block printing. This involves repeating a company logo on a plain white background. This is simple and effective as it allows the focus to be on only the logo. On a 50m roll we generally repeat the logo 12-14 times.

Full Printing

Full printing allows us to print as many colours and details as you like. You can print anything from your logo on a coloured background to a full colour photograph or detailed graphic work. There are no limitations to the full print.

Places to Use Printed Fence Mesh

Printed Fence Mesh is a cost effective and useful advertising method and is used in different situations all over Australia. Some examples of places that printed fence mesh could be used are:

Construction sites

You can print photos of the equipment being used, logos of the construction company, plans or images of the pending works, safety messages for staff and public.

Store Renovation (in complex or strip)

A perfect place to print company logos, directions to new location (e.g. “FenceWrap has moved to John Street), products being sold at the new shop, general shopping centre or store information.

Music Festivals

To print sponsors, artist images, promote a future event, event info such as set times, safety instructions and maps.

Fabrics  Options

At FenceWrap, we have a range of different fabric options. The location you use it, your budget, the printing required and the block out needed all help to determine what fabric is best for your printed fence mesh

Shade cloth is probably the most common type of fabric that is printed and for good reason. It is one of the most durable of the fabric available, as well as being one of the most cost effective. This fabric is popular and often seen in parks, schools and even residential use. The shade cloth is best for simple logo printing.

But if you are looking for something with a more vibrant print, you could consider to look at the polyester mesh instead. The polyester mesh provides more surface area for printing and results in higher resolution and more vibrant printed images. This is a light material and is best suited for sheltered use. PVC mesh  your best option if you plan to have it up for prolonged periods in the sun. The mesh fabrics have holes in them to allow wind to pass through more easily. This is perfect for temporary fencing as it allows the wind to escape and lightens the strain put on the structure.

We also have 100% PVC banner fabric. This fabric is best if you want to fully block out the area  with printed fence mesh. This is the most expensive fabric, but it will last the longest.

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