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Printed Barrier Shade Cloth - A Simple Way To Highlight Your Message

Printed Barrier Shade Cloth - A Simple Way To Highlight Your Message

Chances are you’ve seen plain shade cloth used on fences and at construction sites across Australia. Plain shade cloth, although useful, is akin to a blank billboard. A blank canvas just waiting for you to share your message and promote yourself. Printed barrier shade cloth is much more pleasing to the eye than plain shade cloth lining a fence. Custom printed barrier shade cloth is an easy way to make your location look nicer while sharing your company’s message. FenceWrap is the industry leader of printed barrier shade cloth in Australia; let’s go take a closer look at our shade cloth.

Shade Cloth

FenceWrap offers custom printed fence wraps on a variety of materials. Of our many options, our temporary fencing shade cloth is our most affordable. Shade cloth is made of a lightweight woven plastic material, also known as a scrim. This material is woven plastic with larger holes for better wind resistance. This type of temporary fence cloth is ideal for providing dust protection, privacy, and shade at construction sites. 

Our temporary fencing shade cloth has an expected life span of up to one year. Shade cloth is an excellent option for shorter projects where there is no expectation of reusing the fence wrap at other job sites.

Printed Barrier Shade Cloth For AusGP

How Custom Printed Barrier Shade Cloth Highlights Your Message

Unprinted shade cloth on fences and at construction sites can be a bit of an eyesore. Vanity aside, countless members of the community you serve pass by your job site every day. Investing in a custom printed barrier shade cloth capitalizes on this free, golden opportunity to have your company seen by endless passers-by. 

There are countless ways to share your message with printed barrier shade cloth signage. Shade clothis a versatile product that is used for construction scaffolding wraps, crowd control barriers, privacy for businesses undergoing renovation, and many other ways. Most job sites require a temporary fence cloth for its shade and privacy. Using printed barrier shade cloth is a simple form of advertising because it takes an item you’ll already need for other purposes and transforms it into a way to promote yourself. This gives you a higher return on your investment.

Custom Print Your Shade Cloth Signage

FenceWrap products are all printed using the same high quality printer and inks. This means you’re always getting the same top-notch print quality. The only thing that varies is the print impact; this is dependent on the material you choose. Our printed barrier shade cloth is made of woven plastic containing larger holes in the material. This provides a less overall surface for your image. This type of temporary fence cloth is a great option to market yourself at a lower cost. If you’re willing to invest a bit more and prefer a higher print impact, we recommend looking at our PrintMax PVC mesh for the best print impact. 

Gibbs Group Shade Cloth Printed Barrier Mesh

Full-Colour Digital Printing

We use full-colour digital printing to make your image stand out. Full printing uses a custom colour background that can create an array of vivid colours. This means there is no limit when choosing the perfect image for your custom printed barrier shade cloth. We can print anything from your logo to a detailed full colour image, you decide. We love to bring your design to reality and creating something you’re proud to use to promote your business. 

Our printing is digital; this reduces the cost of printing and allows us to print digital images. You can send your images to us in .jpeg, .eps, or .ai format. FenceWrap also has an incredible team of designers that can help with the artwork layout or if you need any changes in the design that you have made yourself. Our designers are included in the price of your custom printed barrier shade cloth investment.

The inks we use for our printed barrier shade cloth are high quality and create a stunning image that stands out. The ink we use have a two year no significant fade guarantee. This ensures that your image will stay crisp and clear. If your shade cloth is in Adelaide or Melbourne, you won’t have to worry about sun exposure causing your print to fade.

Triathlon Printed Barrier Shade Cloth

Sizing For Temporary Shade Cloth

FenceWrap shade cloth typically comes in a roll measuring 1.8m x 55m. However, if you require your temporary fencing shade cloth to be larger, please do not hesitate to contact us; we can tailor our product to whatever size suits your needs. Do keep in mind that the first and last 2.5m of our shade cloth rolls cannot be printed on. 

Installation Of Temporary Shade Cloth

FenceWrap knows how busy you are. That’s why our goal with our printed barrier shade cloth is to provide you a quality product that will aid you in advertising your business with as little hassle as possible.

That’s why our temporary fencing shade cloth is so easy to install. Our shade cloth comes finished at the top and bottom with buttonhole eyelets for easy installation. All you need are cable ties. We recommend securing your temporary shade cloth as best you can to prevent any tears resulting from sagging.

Vibrant Printed Barrier Shade Cloth NWS

How To Purchase Printed Barrier Shade Cloth?

So, you know you need privacy, you need shade and dust protection, you’re ready to market yourself, now what? Get out your measuring tape! You need to know how big you need your temporary shade cloth to be; just measure the space you need covered in meters and send the size to our team. You can cut your shade cloth to whatever length you like, but do keep in mind that this may cause the material to fray. 

Send us the images and or logos you want on your printed barrier shade cloth in vector format (.pdf, .eps, or .ai). Once we receive your image, we’ll create a mock-up design and send it back to you for your approval. If needed, our designers will work with you to make any changes in design until you're happy with the design, then we get your sign off on print ready artwork. We require a 50% deposit before the production of your custom printed barrier shade cloth begins. 

Production of your printed barrier shade cloth takes anywhere from seven to ten days, after which we ship the finished product to you. Throughout the whole process, we’ll keep you updated all the time.


FenceWrap is proudly produced and located in Australia. This keeps the shipping costs of shade cloth to Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle or elsewhere in Australia low. We are delighted to partner with so many Australian businesses to supply shade cloth.

How To Partner With FenceWrap

FenceWrap is the most convenient place to purchase any kind of printed barrier shade cloth along with construction signage. Let’s start the conversation and partner together to find the perfect solution to your business. Call us on 1300 55 82 47 during business hours, or leave us a message via our contact page and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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