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Mesh Cloth Banners

Mesh Cloth Banners

FenceWrap has been supplying many business and individuals mesh cloth banners for quite some time, we’ve lost count of how many rolls of mesh cloth banners we have produced. Our customers have used these banners in a variety of different applications to promote their business or company.

The process of buying it

To buy your own mesh cloth banners is very simple. You need to firstly measure the space that you would like your mesh cloth banners to cover in both the width and height. From then you need to decide what you would like printed on it, what is your budget, was there a specific material type you were interested in for your mesh cloth banners. We also distribute all of our banners Australia wide and have extremely low charges for delivery.

The process of using mesh cloth banners

To use your newly purchased mesh cloth banners you simply need to secure your banner using cable ties, rubber ties or plastic ties to your temporary fence, construction site or other application. All you need to do then is simply stand back and admire your new mesh cloth banners and watch other people passing by be drawn to your work site. It’s that easy.

Different places you can use mesh cloth banners

At FenceWrap we have numerous customers coming to us daily telling us their wonderful and out of the ordinary location they plan to install their mesh cloth banners. We believe that every person has the right to use their product where ever they desire. Our mesh cloth banners have been used in a variety of different places; temporary fences, scaffolding in major city construction sites are just to name a few. Some of these are unprinted, whilst the majority of the mesh cloth banners that we do involve printing.

Different things you can print on it

The simple answer to this question is, what ever you like. We can print any logo, any text or any picture on your mesh cloth banners with out any problems what so ever. We can do the simple designs all the way through to custom background colours and full graphic details with high resolution creating personalised mesh cloth banners in house with our designer.

Block printing vs Full printing

Instead of charging one price for a custom background colour and the same price for someone who wants a simpler design, we have set our printing into two options.

Block Print

Looking for a simple design for your mesh cloth banners? The block print design is a white background with a company logo, text or image. You can repeat the logo as many times as required, we generally recommend 12 - 14 times.

Full Print

A full print printing design for our mesh cloth banners can be as extensive as required. This is the most popular option when it comes to mesh cloth banners and it allows custom backgrounds, wild colours and really brings out a great visual appeal to wherever you plan on using your printed mesh cloth banners.

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