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Cost Effective Mesh Banners with Incredible Impact

Cost Effective Mesh Banners with Incredible Impact

Mesh banners are one of the most versatile and best quality fence wrap solutions out there. They are long lasting, with maximum print visibility and an impressive finish. Easy to install, and capable of withstanding all our tough Australian weather conditions. 

Perks of Using Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners Perks
Mesh banners offer privacy and style

The key difference between mesh banners and standard, solid PVC banners, is their degree of light permeability. While PVC sheets block all light, and are totally opaque, mesh banners are perforated, allowing a certain degree of wind and light penetration.  What this means, for example, is that on a building site, passers-by will see your printed design on the mesh banner, while those inside the site are able to partly see beyond the mesh outside.

Another advantage is that inks have a higher degree of adherence to mesh than to solid PVC, which means that printed mesh banners are easier to clean, more durable and less likely to be damaged over time. 

A wide variety of applications

  • If you need to increase safety and privacy on a construction site of any size, wrapping your site with a mesh banner will automatically offer a tidier and more professional appearance. 
  • In addition to your branding and marketing messages, printed safety instructions not only help to avoid accidents, they also enhance your image with clients, employees and the wider public.  
  • Mesh banners can reduce the amount of rubbish and dust being blown outside the area, helping to maintain cleanliness and minimising debris to the surroundings. 
Mesh Banners for cleaning
An alternative use for PVC mesh banners
  • In terms of security, mesh banners help to shield equipment on the site from prying eyes, while, at the same time, making your location easily identifiable for visitors, sub-contractors, etc. 
  • The end result?  Instead of your construction site being viewed as an eyesore by local residents and passers-by, an eye-catching mesh banner design can provide an attractive backdrop and signal an upcoming upgrade of the location.

There are so many uses for mesh banners! Easily portable, they’re ideal for advertising your business at festivals, music, community or sporting events. Whether you’re promoting a local company or a major Australian brand, increased visibility is assured, promoting your product, and clearly linking your company with the event in the mind of the public. Hence maximized impact of your marketing spend is guaranteed. In addition, mesh banners are so quick and easy to put up and take down, you can relocate and re-use them time after time.

Mesh Banners on Fences

Which type of mesh is right for your location, and how easy are they to install?

Permanent or fixed fencing 

Fences with bases permanently attached to the ground are perfect for mesh banners as they offer the greatest degree of stability. Due to their strength, any kind of mesh can be fixed to them, from the lightest to the heaviest. The advantage of using a heavier mesh is that, as it is less light-permeable, the print quality will appear sharper and brighter. For permanently attached fences, a mesh which blocks 70% + of the light is ideal. However, you should take into consideration that there is always a trade-off between the quality of the printed images and the amount of light and air that will be able to pass through the banner.

Non-permanent fencing

As temporary fences by their nature are not anchored securely into the ground, it’s important when deciding which type of mesh banners to buy, to bear in mind that attaching a mesh banner will decrease their stability in windy conditions. Safety is the most important consideration in this case.

The solution is to use a mesh with a wider weave.  Shade cloth offers two choices: the 50% HDPE mono-filament shade cloth and the 70% HDPE mono-filament shade cloth, and we will be able to advise you on the right choice for your particular situation.  As shade cloth is a lower blocking mesh, the print quality will appear to be reduced, due to the decrease in the overall surface area on which to print. This is why most people opt for PVC banner mesh instead of shade cloth.

Grades of Banner Mesh

Choosing the right grade of FenceWrap PVC Banner mesh, to suit your company’s needs, mainly comes down to: high wind areas OR maximum print quality. We have an option to suit both of these needs, as well as a mid-range solution for people who are concerned with wind and print impact.



BreezeMax is suitable for temporary fencing, and for any location where airflow is the most important factor. Safety is key here, as, unless sufficient air is allowed to pass through the barrier, your fence could blow over in strong winds, possibly resulting in serious injury. It should be noted that, due to the reduced surface area, visual impact of the print will be lower than with PrintMax.



Classic mesh allows for a degree of air permeability between PrintMax and BreezeMax (36%), but with a surface area which still allows anything to be printed, and with good clarity, your message will still make the impact you need. FenceWrap Classic can be used in almost any location, and is an ideal compromise between our other two options.



PrintMax is the best choice for permanent fences, crowd control barriers and large hoardings. It’s ideal if creating visual impact is your primary concern as it can be printed with any image or photo to create a stunning high clarity solution. PrintMax allows 36% airflow, so should only be selected for locations where wind is not an issue.

Current technology allows us to print on almost any kind of material, including onto mesh fabric of any length.  Our process is 100% digital, so there are no limits on your choice of colours, designs, logos, etc.  The actual print, onto whatever kind of mesh banner you buy, is the same. However, the total printable surface area of your chosen mesh, based on the degree of perforation, will affect the final look of your banner.

We offer a full surface print solution, providing 100% coverage of the chosen fabric. As it’s perfect for photos and coloured backgrounds, you really have unlimited design options for your mesh banner. Not sure on how you want your design to look? Our expert design team is more than happy to make suggestions and organise a free mockup for inspiration.

How long does the print last?

We only use quality outdoor ink, and, given the right conditions, banners are re-usable for up to five years. However, we offer a 2-year ‘no significant fade’ guarantee, on our mesh banners regardless of weather conditions in Australia, to ensure you receive value for money when you buy, and will certainly have time to recoup your initial investment. 

Water won’t damage the print as the ink adheres to the mesh. It will not be affected by rain. However, if your banner is damaged by graffiti, the chemicals needed to remove it could affect the ink and it may have to be replaced.

What Size Banner Mesh Shall I Buy?

Depending on where you are planning to fix it, we recommend that you attach a 1.6m banner to a fence of 1.8m, so there is enough space to adjust to the correct tension.

It is possible to attach a 1.8m mesh to a 1.8m fence, however it will be hard to adjust and your banner may appear loose and flappy when it’s windy.

If you have a fence between 2m and 2.4m in height we would recommend a 1.8m mesh.

Mesh Banners Custom Size
Banners can be cut down to any size you require

We can make the mesh banners to any length you want.  If required, we will cut a long banner and make it into a number of shorter size banners for you.  It’s also perfectly possible for you to cut it yourself, only the cuts you make won't have edging and eyelets.  However, the banner mesh material won’t fray or be otherwise damaged. 

Is the Mesh Safety Rated?

Yes, all our mesh conforms to AS 1530.2. Hence you can buy our mesh banners with peace of mind.

How Can I Order My Mesh Banners?

The process is hassle-free, with a fast turn-around and delivery right to your door. First, just let us know the surface area you want to cover, and we’ll talk you through the options, so you can be confident you’re buying the right product for your needs. When you accept our quotation and decide to buy mesh banners, we’ll need your artwork in a vector format (.pdf, .eps or .ai) to create a mock-up design for you to approve. A 50% deposit based on our quotation for your order, and we’ll be ready to start the production process. We estimate 5-7 business days for the production, plus delivery time to your chosen location, Australia-wide. 

So whether you are ready to buy or if you need to be inspired by our design team first, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to organise your quote and free artwork mock up. We’ll make sure you end up with the right solution to meet your needs and an awesome design to boot!

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