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Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh Banner Printing

Want to increase the visual appeal of your business, have an event promoted, or place a company logo around your worksite? If you need any of these services, FenceWrap’s mesh banner printing is for you.

When it comes to banner printing, FenceWrap produces the highest quality print types and materials to help you get the designs you need. By using FenceWrap’s mesh banner printing, you can increase the visual appeal of your business and have more successful advertising.

Our mesh banners’ ink also comes with a two-year no significant fade guarantee, so you can be assured your banners will be long-lasting as well as impactful. Sounds like a win-win to us.

PVC Banner Materials

FenceWrap offers three types of PVC banner mesh, ranging from loosely woven to tightly knit. Each printed banner can last for years whilst retaining its colour. Our print materials will produce vibrant colours and detailed graphics that can have a lasting effect on viewers. Our Australian mesh banner printing options are listed below.



BreezeMax banner mesh is the most porous of our PVC meshes, making it a great option for distance viewing or windy areas.

This material has extremely vibrant printed colours, but the image is going to look more faded from close up due to the larger holes. This banner mesh is great for banners with big words or logos, as detailed photographs may lose some of their clarity on this loosely woven material.



Classic PVC banner mesh is a finer woven material than BreezeMax. This creates brighter colours and allows for moderately close-up viewing.

This banner mesh allows more picture clarity than BreezeMax, but less than our PrintMax option. This Classic banner mesh will retain a majority of the detail in photographs, making it a better alternative to BreezeMax if viewers will be looking at the banner from a close range.



PrintMax banner mesh is our best material for print impact. This option brings the best in close-up and distance viewing. The solid vibrant colours of PrintMax banner mesh fabric will catch the attention of passersby and promote your business in the best conceivable way.

If you need high-impact photos or detailed images, PrintMax will display them in their full glory. High impact banners are what we at FenceWrap do best, and PrintMax is the material that enables us to create them. PrintMax is our highest-quality banner mesh printing on sale.

Full Printing

At FenceWrap, we like to provide our customers with as many banner options as possible. Whether your print includes simple logos or detailed photographs, we will help you choose the best print option for your project.

We place no restrictions on the images or text you are allowed to print. Our technology is top-of-the-line and can handle anything you throw at it. We offer full surface coverage for our banner mesh printing on sale, as we understand that our customers have various wants and needs.

Mesh Banner Print Full Colour
Full colour printing opens up many design possibilities!

Full mesh banner printing allows our customers to print designs on every inch of the banner roll. This means that you can customise everything, from the background to borders to the logo. This printing method allows you to print exactly what you want, the way you want it. There is no limit to design capabilities with the delivery of full mesh banner printing Australia wide.

Note: If you want your high-quality prints to have great visibility, you must use one of our higher-quality mesh banner materials.

Custom Sizing

Mesh Banner Printing Custom Size
Custom panels allow you to get creative

The banner mesh comes in widths of up to five metres, so you might think you have to stop there. Not with FenceWrap! We do custom-sized banners by welding multiple prints together. This increases your banner design capabilities by tenfold.

Another service we offer is cutting full rolls into banners to fit smaller areas. FenceWrap charges for vertical cuts to cover the extra edging and eyelets, so you may cut your fifty metre roll to the lengths that suit you. Out of our PVC banners only PrintMax and Classic banner mesh can be cut, so please consider this if you are thinking of buying BreezeMax.

You can cut the banner mesh yourself, but it won’t have the eyelets or edging provided by our company. Our material doesn’t get damaged or fray when cut, but the proper edging and eyelets we use will offer stronger reinforcement, as well as a clean and professional finish.

How to Buy Mesh Banner Printing

We make the process of buying our mesh banner printing services as simple as possible. We know your time is valuable and our purchasing process reflects that. If you are unsure of which mesh banner printing option to go with, contact our friendly staff once you know the details of your project.

Once you have some ideas on what you’d like for your design, we will need you to provide your assets such as your company logo, graphics, font/text requirements, and any images so we can create a mock-up for you. Once we receive your approval of the design, we can begin the payment and production process for your mesh banner printing.

Final Thoughts

FenceWrap’s mesh banner printing can bring lasting benefits to your business via this colourful and useful medium. Whether it is used to increase the visual appeal of your business or promote an event or product, our banner mesh can be a tremendous benefit to your company.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our Australian mesh banner printing. We are happy to help you in any way we can. We hope you will consider our quality mesh banner printing options and become a part of our valued customer base. 

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