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Full Colour Mesh Banners - Customer Endorsed

Full Colour Mesh Banners - Customer Endorsed

For full colour mesh banners, look no further than FenceWrap Australia! We have spent over ten years perfecting the manufacturing of custom mesh banners. Full colour mesh banners are a low-cost and creative way to advertise your business, whether you’re at a construction site, a mall, or anywhere fences are found. Our clients are consistently pleased with our dedication to service, professionalism, speed, and product quality.

Dynamic Steel Frame Full Colour Mesh Banners

Full Colour Mesh Banner Options

Our full colour mesh banners are a fantastic way to stand out and generate attention for your location. At FenceWrap, we have a variety of product options to work within your unique needs and budget.

Shade Cloth

If you’re new to banner mesh, shade cloth is a great first option. Shade cloth is an affordable, lightweight material; you may have seen it covering fences at parks and areas that require shade protection. FenceWrap sells full printed rolls of shade cloth measuring 1.8m x 50m in length. Shade cloth is an excellent temporary fence mesh. At such a low cost, it’s perfect if you’re interested in advertising with full colour mesh banners but would prefer to test something out before investing more in our higher-end options.

PVC Banner Mesh

FenceWrap PVC mesh banners are more durable and therefore a bit more expensive than our shade cloth. Like our shade cloth, our mesh fence wraps are made of a woven material, only this material has a PVC coating, which is excellent for holding prints. FenceWrap offers full colour mesh banners in three signature options. These options are varied depending on whether you want to prioritize wind resistance or print impact. FenceWrap full colour mesh banners are all printed on the same printer, so the print quality is consistent. When we say print impact, we’re referring to how well your print appears on your material. The material used for your fence banner mesh will affect your print impact. For example, more breathable materials have less overall fabric to print on.

All our banner mesh options are sold in rolls measuring either 1.6m or 1.8m high x 50m. They can be cut to your desired lengths, for example, five 10m rolls or two 25m rolls, etc. We deliver your custom mesh banners to you fitted with buttonhole eyelets 500mm apart for quick and easy installation. This material is sturdy and should last you between two to three years.

Freightshift Full Colour Mesh Banner


FenceWrap BreezeMax mesh fence banners are a step up from our shade cloth option. Like shade cloth, the material is breathable; it has a 50% wind permeability, our highest for any product. BreezeMax is the best suited for locations with a lot of wind, being very popular amongst construction sites and outdoor areas. If you’re looking for a lightweight material similar to shade cloth, with exceptional breathability for wind but prefer a better print impact, BreezeMax is an excellent option.

FenceWrap Classic

Our FenceWrap Classic is the sweet spot right in the middle of our BreezeMax and PrintMax options. It has just the right print impact and just the right wind resistance; Goldilocks would be proud. The FenceWrap Classic is a highly valued option amongst our clients.


PrintMax, as its name suggests, offers the best print impact of our full colour mesh banners. This material has the smallest holes and overall best print impact. However, because the fabric is less breathable, it is more susceptible to being blown over in high winds. We recommend utilizing rear supports or weights to prevent your temporary fence mesh from falling over.

Boss Electrical Full Colour Mesh Banner

Fabric Mesh

Our fabric mesh is an extremely desirable option as well. Being a polyester rather than PVC mesh, this material is best for temporary use. Fabric custom mesh banners have a high print impact; however, the material does bleed in the sun and can fade more easily from UV exposure. This material is best for short-term indoor use. The ink itself does exceptionally well in direct sunlight; however, the polyester material is not outdoor rated. We see clients use full colour mesh banners made of polyester mesh for short-term and indoor events with excellent success. This option is sold in rolls measuring 1.6m high with a minimum length of 85m per order. Our fabric mesh comes divided up into smaller sections, for example, 15m sections, etc.

100% PVC

FenceWrap also offers 100% full block out PVC fence banner mesh. This option has a great print impact and is excellent for hoarding banners. Our 100% PVC banner mesh is sold on request, rather than by the roll. We prefer to give a quoted price on the application as each customers’ needs will be different. Like our banner mesh rolls, this type of material for your full colour mesh banners should last anywhere between two to three years.

Quality Full Colour Mesh Banners

Full colour mesh banners make your site look incredibly professional, and they’re an excellent and affordable way to advertise yourself. We’ve seen clients use our mesh banners in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and countless other places with great success. FenceWrap full colour mesh banners are a durable advertising product. The inks we use are outdoor rated, with no significant fading for up to two years. Full colour mesh banners are an excellent way to advertise your housing site, retail business, event, construction site; you name it! Custom mesh banners are an affordable way to significantly add value to your site and catch peoples’ attention with a professional ad.

Full Colour Mesh Banner Enterprise Street

Super Convenient

Full colour mesh banners are incredibly easy to install. Your banner mesh will arrive to you already with eyelets on the top and bottom. All you’ll need for installation are cable or zip ties to attach your mesh banners to your fence. Our mesh fence wraps are all relatively light in weight, so the material is easy to handle.

Customer Service

At FenceWrap, we pride ourselves on serving the people and businesses of Australia. Our team is attentive, responsible, and dedicated to serving you. We’ll guide you through everything from

picking the perfect material for your banner mesh to helping you create the design to print on your full colour mesh banners. On average, your custom mesh banners are completed and shipped to you within ten days; and we keep you updated throughout the entire process from production to arrival. 

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Call us at 1800 239 281 any time during business hours from Monday to Friday and talk to our friendly customer care representatives to discuss your full colour mesh banner options for your construction project. Got any queries, head to our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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