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Using Fence Wrap Advertising to Deliver Your Message

Using Fence Wrap Advertising to Deliver Your Message

Whether you are an event organiser or running a huge construction site, have you considered how you could maximise the benefit of the freely available space to send powerful and cost-effective advertising messages? Can you afford to waste valuable opportunities to place your brand and message in front of the public? Don’t fret, our fence wrap advertising brings you the most valuable and dependable promotional mechanism where fence wrap is used to reach your target audience. 

Let's Create the Opportunities for Advertisement

Your fences, crowd-control barriers and even scaffolding are all highly visible and therefore provide fantastic opportunities for advertising. Do you want to promote an event, raise the profile of your brand (or your sponsors’ brands), communicate important information, or display an image of a completed construction project?  When you buy fence wrap for the purpose of advertising you’ll have simply the most cost-effective, highest impact, and most versatile way to achieve your aims. 

Fence Wrap Advertising Opportunities
High resolution printing has fantastic visual impact!

We know the art of adorning boring fences with eye-catching fence wraps 

Don’t let another potential advertising opportunity go to waste by letting fences stay blank and boring! Use them to send your messages, loud and clear! At FenceWrap, we are Australia’s leading experts in transforming blank, unproductive and sometimes ugly fences into visually-arresting, powerful, and positive advertising statements. 

Choosing the Multipurpose Fence Wrap

Whether you are preparing for a fundraising event, an outdoor music or community festival, or even a school open day, fence wrap advertising is the easiest, most cost-effective and no- hassle way to create a strong link between the positive event experience and your name and logo.

For Builders and Property Developers

Construction Fence Wrap Advertising
Fence Wrap advertising makes your brand recognisable.

No matter how large or small your construction site, fence wrap advertising can be used on barriers, hoardings and even scaffolding to reinforce your identity and enhance the image of your brand.  Not only is it eye-catching, your site will look tidier and more professional. Fence wrap can easily be used to deliver safety messages to the workforce and site visitors, reinforcing your reputation as a responsible employer. Fence wrap advertising is extremely versatile, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Place it where you want, for as long as you need, to send impactful advertising messages.

Digital Printing Technology

At FenceWrap we use the latest digital printing methods. We are able to print whatever you need to get your message across to your target audience in the most visually-arresting and memorable way. From the simplest, monochrome logo to detailed text and graphics, or full colour photos – we’ll work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. Our team of graphic design experts will be on hand to help you make the maximum impact with your fence wrap advertising.

Let’s say you’re organising a sporting event – a bike race

We can design your fence wrap advertising to include photos of the racers, show the route details, display sponsor logos and your contact details. We’ll list upcoming heats, everything you need to promote your event to the max will be prominently displayed to spectators and other stakeholders. 

And if you’re upgrading your business

Let’s imagine that you’re carrying out a major upgrade to your business premises, and they’re temporarily closed.  Fence wrap can be used to hide the works until you are ready to reveal the transformation, meanwhile, it can be used for the advertising of your new arrival. It also sends a bold signal; we’re still here, we’re still ready to do business, this is what we offer, and here’s how to get in contact right now. A striking design with eye-catching images will keep your brand in the mind of passers-by and impress current and potential clients. An additional benefit is that visitors, sub-contractors, and other stakeholders will be able to locate the site easily.

Fabric Options for Fence Wrap Advertising 

At FenceWrap we have a variety of fabrics to choose from. Let us know your specific advertising requirements and we’ll guide you to make the best choice.

  • Shade cloth is an economical and long-lasting choice
  • Fabric mesh is ideal when a higher-impact print is needed for the short term
  • PVC mesh can withstand long periods in bright sunlight, so it is perfect for the rigors of our Australian climate, offering longer lasting print quality.

In general, mesh fabrics are ideal for temporary fencing. In windy conditions, because they are perforated, air is able to cross the barrier and therefore escape more easily. Reducing the stress on the fence, and therefore decreasing the likelihood that it will fall over, is important to avoid the possibility of accidents and injury. 

However, if you have a site where airflow is not an important consideration and your priority is to completely screen an area, blocking the view from outside, we would recommend 100% PVC banner fabric. Printing your fence wrap advertising on a PVC banner will offer maximum vibrancy and impact for your images. Although the cost is higher than other options, a PVC banner is our most durable fence-wrap, so over time you will gain a return on your investment as replacement costs are reduced and your advertising messages will reach a wider public over a longer time.

PVC Vinyl for Advertising
Nothing beats the impact of 100% PVC on permanent hoarding!

Buying Fence Wrap

We make buying fence wrap advertising banners easy and hassle-free. First, we’ll help you to decide which fabric will be most appropriate for your company’s needs, where it will be used, what you want to achieve, etc. Then we’ll put together your quotation. As soon as you tell us you’re ready to buy fence wrap, the design process gets underway, using whatever artwork you choose to provide: logos, images, text, etc.  FenceWrap’s expert graphic design team will create a mock-up of the artwork for your approval. Then if any changes are needed, we’ll make them. Our design service is completely free-of-charge. As soon as you are satisfied with the design, we’ll start the production process. 

Within two weeks of artwork sign-off, the fence wrap will be delivered to your door (to any major Australian city). 

Easy To Install Fence Wrap; Advertising Becomes Easier

No need to purchase additional tools or equipment: all the fittings and hardware you need will be included with the banner. Eyelets make securing it easy, and the hemmed edges protect against fraying, so your fence wrap stays looking fresh and professional over time. Two people can install a banner in less than 20 minutes. No experience necessary! Your banner starts making a positive impact as soon as it’s visible.

Install Fence Wrap safely
Installing Fence Wrap is quick and easy!

Relocation is not a problem at all!

When it’s time to relocate your fence wrap, it’s even easier. Starting at one end, simply cut the ties as you work your way along, rolling it up as you go. In no time, you can place the wrap at your next location, so, once purchased, your advertising banners continue to work for you over the long term. 

Learn More About Our Fence Wrap Advertising

Want to learn more about the options? 

We are ready to discuss how fence wrap banners can meet your advertising needs. We’ll give you straightforward and honest information – that’s our promise. Feel free to contact us for no-obligation advice.

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