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Fence Shade Cloth - Provide Privacy To Your Worksite

Fence Shade Cloth - Provide Privacy To Your Worksite

Fence shade cloth provides many benefits to your site. At FenceWrap, we pride ourselves on being experts in fence signage. We have many products we offer, with customizable options to serve your needs. Our shade cloth is an excellent material for temporary fence coverings. This option is low-cost and has a variety of uses. In today's post, we'll discuss just how using shade cloth can improve your site.

Fence Shade Cloth Uses

Shade cloth has several uses; the most common are shade protection, dust protection, and privacy. Fence shade cloth can be used on scaffolding for construction sites, is used in playgrounds, parks, and advertising; this material is incredibly affordable, making it an excellent option for staying within budget.

Marist Fence Shade Cloth

Shade Protection

Fence shade cloth provides weather protection and shade to your job site. Having this protection will help increase your overall productivity. Shade cloth will also help provide weather protection in other ways, such as protection against wind and rain. 

Dust Control Using Fence Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is excellent protection against dust control. It is common for dust to accumulate at construction sites, and this dust can create a mess at your location. A layer of dust covering your materials and work area will make the extra work of cleaning all that mess up, costing you time and money. Investing in a shade cloth is a simple way to mitigate dust build-up. 

Using shade cloth will also help your neighbors - wind can quickly pick up dust at your site, and this dust can get blown around your site and neighboring properties, easily upsetting the people next door. A fence shade cloth will help you keep your dust to yourself and have less of it blowing around.

Shade cloth is a lightweight material with tiny holes; this provides just enough wind resistance to keep your fence in place without weights while also providing a barrier against dust depending on the direction the wind is blowing. Although dust is inevitable, a layer of shade cloth is an easy and affordable way to decrease the amount of dust on your site significantly.

Gipp Group Fence Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth for Privacy

Another benefit of applying shade cloth at your site is privacy! Shade cloth covers your fence, making it harder for passersby to see inside. Using a shade cloth can help prevent theft; if people don't know what materials or tools you have, they're less likely to come and try to walk off with anything. 

A shade cloth will also make your site look neater. Your job site may have materials laying around and look rather unorganized, understandably so, you're in the middle of working on a project. However, a job site without shade cloth can seem a bit like leaving open drawers in your room; it just looks cleaner to have a simple fence shade cloth covering. People in the neighborhood will appreciate this, as will investors who will feel your site has an organized, professional appearance. Most shade cloth will still allow around 70% to 30% of light to pass through, so it will not completely block off your site. However, FenceWrap does offer 100% PVC vinyl banners for complete privacy.

Branded Shade Cloth

FenceWrap is the number one manufacturer of branded shade cloth in Australia. We love creating beautiful branded fence wraps to assist your company and highly recommend adding your brand or logo to your shade cloth. It is a low-cost and straightforward way to advertise yourself and let onlookers know who you are. Having your brand logo up can generate new business for you as people are more likely to work with those they know, like, and trust. For privacy, shade, and dust, your job site will likely need a shade cloth. As an item you will already need to invest in; it only makes sense to add your brand to your fence shade cloth as a means to add value to your investment.

FenceWrap can print whatever image you like on your shade cloth. Aside from advertisements, shade cloth makes an excellent material for safety signs. It is essential to notify employees and passersby of possible hazards on your job site; this ensures that your workers and community are safe. Adding a simple "caution" or "authorized personnel only" label to your shade cloth is a simple and effective way to alert people to possible danger.

Fence Shade Cloth For Advertising

Shade Cloth Offerings

FenceWrap offers both branded and unbranded fence shade cloth. We offer our unbranded shade cloth in various colors, such as green, red, blue, black, white, and beige.

Shade cloth is a great budget material, and we can print whatever image you like on your fence shade cloth. We use the same inks and printers for all our products, so the quality is always professional; however certain materials hold prints better than others. If you would like to prioritize print impact, and budget is not a concern, we recommend our PrintMax banner mesh for the best print impact.

Marist Fence Shade Cloth

Our branded fence shade cloth comes in 50m rolls, while our unbranded shade cloth rolls measure 1.8m by 50m. If you need branded shade cloth that is 1.8m in height, look at our banner mesh options. You can cut your shade cloth to different lengths if you want; however, this may cause the fabric to fray. Shade cloth is lightweight and easy to use; we deliver all our products to you with eyelets sewn in, so all you need are cable or zip ties to attach them to your fencing.

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FenceWrap is proud to provide fence shade cloth and banner mesh throughout Australia. We have been serving our community for over ten years and are confident we can find the right product to match your needs. For questions about fence shade cloth or any of our other offerings, please contact us, and we'll be happy to serve you.

Call us at 1300 557 247 or send us your questions and queries through our Contact Page and one of our dedicated customer care representatives will get back to you within no time.

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