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Effectively Use Your Fence Mesh Shade Cloth To Catch Your Customers

Effectively Use Your Fence Mesh Shade Cloth To Catch Your Customers

You’re ready to invest in fence mesh shade cloth to promote your business – welcome to the FenceWrap family! So, what happens next? You need to think about how you can make your fence mesh shade cloth advertising work in the best possible way for you, in order to maximise your investment. 

Festival Fence Mesh Shade Cloth Guinness

Why Choose Fence Mesh Shade Cloth

Fence mesh banners are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising – ask anyone who has ever chosen to use our service and they will tell you that the product consistently performs well and this is why clients use our services over and over again.

The experts at Fencewrap will talk to you through all the available options to buy and will make sure that you get the perfect product to buy for your needs. There is a product to suit everyone’s needs and budget so don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what you are looking for.

Types Of Fence Mesh Shade Cloth

We have quite a few options to suit a wide range of applications. Whether you want the best print impact, something plain for dust control, or want the goldilocks of mesh, we’ve got you covered. 

Shade Cloth

A great entry level product, shade cloth is cost effective and lightweight - and it comes in two options, plain or custom printed! You may even be familiar with it, having seen it in parks and places where protection from shade is needed. Available to buy in rolls of 1.8m x 50m in length, this option is perfect as a temporary fence banner and can be cut to size depending on what it is to be used for. Because it is printed from one end to the other and from the top to the bottom, it can be cut anywhere making its application even more versatile. 

And with high quality, full colour printing you can really get your message out there. This gives you the choice of either repeating a continuous pattern of the same images and words on your fence mesh shade cloth, (generally businesses can repeat their advertising 12-14 times per 50 metre length), or you can simply print a single image or piece of artwork. It is entirely up to you and gives you the freedom to adapt your own fence mesh shade cloth exactly to your specifications.

Glenstone Constructions Fence Mesh Shade Cloth

PVC Banner Mesh

Just like shade cloth, banner mesh fence wraps are made from woven material but what sets it apart from a standard shade cloth, is the fact that it has a PVC coating on the outside making it far more robust, with a lifespan of between two and three years, and is a much better surface for the quality of the printing. 

If you want the best impact with the benefits of using a mesh fence wrap then a PVC mesh banner is definitely the option for you as the print impact is truly outstanding. 

All Fencewrap’s banner mesh is sold in rolls of 50 metres in length and either 1.6m or 1.8 m high and can be cut to any length. All custom-made mesh banners are delivered with buttonhole eyelets which are 500mm apart which helps guarantee ease of installation.

To give you even more choices, there are three choices of fence wrap:


Like the name suggests, BreezeMax offers the best resistance to wind (50% permeability in fact) – the highest for any Fencewrap product. So, if you need the ultimate in protection from the elements but still want a good print impact then this is the option for you.


If it’s the print impact that you want to maximise then PrintMax is the ideal product for you. Boasting the tightest weave and top-notch print quality, the impact of the advertising on this mesh banner is faultless. By achieving the best print impact, it results in less wind permeability. 

 FenceWrap Classic

A perfect compromise between BreezeMax and PrintMax, the FenceWrap Classic offers the best of the all options – great print impact and great protection from the wind at the same time. FenceWrap Classic was our original banner mesh and we designed the PrintMax and BreezeMax from customer feedback. 

Monkey Pig Fence Mesh Shade Cloth Amazing Print

100% PVC

Taking PVC banner mesh to the next level, you can opt for a banner that is 100% PVC, aka Hoarding Banners. Out of all of our range, this has the best print impact, as it’s printed on a block PVC banner, meaning there is no weave to allow for air permeability. This is only recommended for customers who are applying their 100% PVC banner directly onto hoarding boards.

Polyester Mesh

Going the other way, a highly cost-effective option within our range is the Polyester Mesh. Ideal for temporary use, this kind of mesh still offers good print impact but can fade in the sun over time and may be better for one-off or indoor events. Sold in a minimum of 85m roll length (but it can be divided into smaller sections), the polyester mesh is 1.6m high.

How Much Will Fence Mesh Shade Cloth Advertising Cost?

The beauty of investing in fence mesh shade cloth is that it is multi-functional giving an even better return on investment for you. 

Not only does it serve a practical purpose with regard to dust control, providing shade and keeping your construction site under wraps until you’re ready to reveal, it also does a great job of advertising your business at the same time. What’s not to love?

Fence Mesh Shade Cloth Marist College

And it doesn’t cost as much you’d think especially compared with other forms of advertising. Renting a local advertising billboard for example can cost thousands of dollars a month, and that’s a very large investment.

So that’s where fence mesh shade cloth really does come into its own and thanks to investment in new machinery, the development of more efficient processes and the acquisition of new raw material suppliers, some prices have actually dropped by more than 40% on last year’s, so it is definitely worth your while requesting a no obligation quote from the guys at FenceWrap. 

They deliver in Darwin, Sydney and throughout Australia and remember, once you have installed your fence mesh shade cloth, there is minimal maintenance so you can sit back and let your fence wrap do the talking!

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