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Fence Mesh Advertising: Minimum Hassle, Maximum Impact!

Fence Mesh Advertising: Minimum Hassle, Maximum Impact!

Your priority is to generate maximum interest in your business, but, at the same time, the chances are you don’t have an unlimited marketing spend. Of the many options you can choose from to market your company or product, selecting the right one is essential. What you are looking for is a practical and versatile solution that gets the results you need, and ensures a great return on any investment you make.

One of the most worthwhile and impressive methods of getting your brand name and advertising message in front of the public is to use quality fence mesh advertising. Whether screening the temporary barrier around a construction site or promoting your product or service at a festival, branded fence-wrap is an ideal, attention-grabbing advertising medium.

Hassle-free Promotion of Your Business with Fence Mesh

A well-designed and eye-catching printed fence wrap speaks volumes about your brand and your location. It will impress your clients, employees, and stakeholders, as well as gaining the interest of passers-by, promoting your company’s profile and enhancing your visibility with the wider public. Need some help in creating the most impactful advert? Our fence mesh specialist designers are ready and able to ensure that you communicate the message to your audience that you want. 

Fence Mesh Advertising at Events
As it is perforated, fence mesh advertising is the ideal solution for windy locations.

Reasons to Buy Australian Fence Mesh for Advertising

Being in the industry for 10+ years, we know the benefits of fence mesh advertising are invaluable to businesses. Why? Because over the years, a large portion of our customers have come back to us again and again for more. There are a few reasons that make advertising on fence mesh an ideal print medium:

It is a Cost-Effective Solution

So, you’re ready to spend on advertising materials, but want to be sure that, whatever you buy, you’ll obtain a significant return on your investment.  By choosing to buy fence mesh for advertising you’ll benefit from a marketing channel which not only minimises your costs, but raises your profile and enhances your brand image.

When you consider that the investment for fence wrap is, on average, only $15/sqm, there is no other option which delivers such value for money, especially when comparing it to the cost of other types of printed materials. And because we’re right here in Australia, even delivery costs are kept low.

Fence Banners By FenceWrap are Eye-catching, Reusable & Long Lasting 


Brochures, leaflets, posters etc. are all consumables, and, once used, supplies need to be replenished at additional cost. Our eye catching high-visibility, fence banners are long-lasting and reusable so can be used over and over while still looking great! All of our materials, including PVC banner mesh, and PVC vinyl, come with a two-year ‘no significant fade’ guarantee, so you can be sure your sign will continue to be used, whenever and wherever you need, to enhance your image over the long-term. 

How do we keep our prices down?

How can quality fence mesh design be such an economical choice? The simple answer is that high volume production allows us to keep costs low for our customers. In most cases the required length for the banners and wraps is 50m or more, so this means that due to relatively large scale production we can drive down the cost. The end result?  You, the customer, get the benefit of those savings.

What would be an alternative?

The closest thing to be printed for advertising on fence mesh would be a billboard, and we all know how expensive they are. Not only is there an enormous initial investment to secure a prime site (if one can be found), you’ll have further monthly rental costs, the possibility of expensive damage due to vandalism or bad weather, and no guaranteed return on investment. 

Fence mesh advertising provides a low cost, hassle-free and effective alternative means of getting your brand identity and marketing message out there. When you buy fence mesh banners for advertising, you can also have the additional advantage of increasing the privacy and security of your chosen location, as well as increasing your brand visibility.

Fence Mesh Advertising: Design for Maximum Impact 

Fence Mesh Advertising Max Impact
Fully printed vinyl made to fit hoarding perfectly!

Size does matter! Our fence banners are typically from 1.6 to 1.8 metres in height, and we make them as long as you want, according to your specifications. Therefore, your banner design, including images and messages, will be highly visible, even from a distance, and, of course, create a high impact on the viewers. 

Generally, businesses install quality fence mesh advertising in highly visible locations where nothing obstructs the view and where a high level of exposure to clients and passers-by is guaranteed. Our design team is on hand to work with you to create banners with the greatest impact possible.

Where Can Fence Mesh Be Used for Advertising Your Business?

As an example, your fence mesh advertising design could be placed on temporary fencing on a major road, where a large volume of traffic passes daily (or waits in line at a junction).

Your branding message and contact details will be capturing attention, repeatedly, day in, day out. It could be placed on crowd-control barriers at sporting events, festivals or trade shows, to gain the attention and interest of attendees over the full duration of the experience. It could be used to cover a shopfront when the interior is undergoing renovation, creating interest from the public, as they pass by, check it each time, and anticipate the re-opening.

In short, fence mesh is the ideal choice whether you want to get it for advertising your business or just for the privacy of your property. 

Fence Mesh Advertising Street View
Clear and consistent branding that will capture the attention of passers-by!

Australian Fence Mesh is Easy to Install & Relocate

Not only is fence mesh an economical and impactful design solution when it comes to advertising, it is incredibly simple to erect and remove when you are ready to re-use and relocate it. Even installing a 50m fence mesh banner is a job which can be accomplished by two people in about 15 minutes. No prior experience is needed!

From one end, the banner is unwound, with the top corner being held in place with a tie. The rest of the wrap is then unfurled, and the top edge is secured to the fence at regular intervals with cable ties. At the far end, the top corner is again attached to the fence, and to finish the job, the sides and base are secured with ties, in the same way. 

Removing It is Even Quicker and Easier! 

Use a pair of scissors, just snap all the ties. Fold up your banner and store it for next time, or use it again immediately! That is literally all it takes! Fence mesh advertising is so easy to use, and you can relocate it, within minutes, to whichever location you choose, in order to highlight your message, loud and clear. No third parties need to be involved (or paid).

This simplicity and convenience is what makes it so cost-effective; you can relocate and reuse as often as you need, generating maximum interest, whenever and wherever you choose. No other outdoor marketing tool can offer this level of versatility, without ongoing additional costs.

Get an Expert Advice for Fence Mesh Advertising

We’re right here in Melbourne, Australia to answer your questions and discuss ways in which our quality fence mesh advertising design solutions can help promote your business. Our promise is that we’ll give you no-nonsense, no-obligation, and honest advice before you decide to buy. 

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