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The Art of Making Fence Banners More Purposeful

The Art of Making Fence Banners More Purposeful

If you pause and look around in any city, you are bound to find fence banners. These giant revenue generators are perfect for promoting your business and enlarging your customer base. Well, the wondering is over, as FenceWrap has fence banners for sale. 

City Fence Banners
A subtle way to use fence banners for privacy screening

Besides being ideal as a fence banner, fence wrap can go a long way when it comes to branding and advertising your products along with providing privacy, all in a very cost effective way. Whether it is a residential, civil or commercial construction, or promotion of an event or festival, the Australian fence banners will prove to be a turning point as far as the success of your business is concerned. One can get these fences installed both temporarily to hide some new construction site or permanently for privacy purposes. 

Fence Banner Benefits

Fence signs are the number one way to promote your business. Big and bold, these fence banners allow you to optimize your advertising budget. A worthwhile solution, wouldn’t you say? With these Australian fence banners, your otherwise useless fence space will be put to effective use. If you want your fence to earn you money, you’ve come to the right place.

Material Used for Australian Fence Banners

Besides controlling dust and providing privacy, fence banners are simply a mesh or screen that is temporarily or permanently installed around construction sites to protect both workers and the public. 

We offer matchless fence banner printing on an assorted collection of materials to meet your diverse fencing needs, however deciding on the best material in accordance with your requirements depends on several factors. There are certain materials that completely block the view while others have micro-holes that allow light to penetrate and also provide air passage during windy days.

Several materials are used to make the fences among which the most commonly used are:

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is perforated in a way that allows the passage of air through the woven material. This is the best for installing as a screen or a fence on a temporary basis and usually lasts a year or so. Shade cloth is commonly used as it is the most cost effective, however it’s wide-set weave makes it less ideal for printing. Shade cloth is often referred to as the ‘standard’ fabric for fence banners. 

Plain Shade Cloth Building Wrap
Shade cloth is an effective material to cover scaffolding

The rolls of shade cloth are 50m in length and a height of 1.8m. Since it comes in a roll the cloth has to be cut according to the size most commonly required. Shade cloth requires proper installation, as strong winds can have adverse consequences besides damaging the fence as well as the screening. 

PVC Mesh


This outdoor mesh, also known as a construction fence banner, has tiny holes to allow wind and air to pass through. This material is most commonly used for printing, and is ideal for large outdoor areas meant for display or for large outdoor windy areas. 

PrintMax and Classic mesh work best for high resolution photo printing in terms of clarity due to its higher density surface area, while on the other hand BreezeMax is perfect for strong wind areas. 

PVC Mesh Fence Banners
The most popular choice for fence banners; PVC mesh.

While PVC mesh is commonly supplied in 50m rolls, PrintMax and Classic mesh can be cut into sections for a small fee, which includes the additional edging and eyelets.

Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh is made of nylon or polyester, an alternative offering for where top print quality is a priority. Due to risk of wear and tear in wind or from long-term UV exposure, this material is better suited to indoor fence barriers, sheltered areas, or short term outdoor use. These fence-wraps offer surprising printing quality and can be installed effortlessly. 

Fabric Mesh Fence Banners
Fabric mesh being used for a one-off outdoor event

Fabric mesh comes in a height of 1.7m, and is sold per lineal meter.  Longer lengths will require sewing or joining together of several banners to make one large fence banner.

100% PVC

100% PVC is a durable material used for hoardings or such surfaces where there is no need for wind to go through. The best thing about PVC material is that one can get the best resolution printing quality that is fade resistant and lasts for a long time. 

The 100% PVC can be stretched over the area with eyelets or rope track edgings fitted into an aluminum rail. It has a shelf life of about two years with a no fade guarantee of the same time period. 

PVC vinyl Fence Banners
100% PVC provides the best print result for hoarding or permanent fencing.

Unprinted Shade Cloth

This is a fence wrap that can be installed without printing. It is available in several colors ranging from red, blue, green, beige, black, white, and several others. This is commonly used for site privacy, dust control, and to prevent drop hazards. Get in touch with us today at FenceWrap for premium quality fence banners Australia wide.

Sky’s the limit 

While pricing varies on the different material options, we will not restrict what you put on your fence banners. You can put logos, personal messages, complex geographical designs, instructional texts, to full coloured photographs or whatever else you can imagine. We are blessed with ingenious designers who are inventive and can bring your ideas to life.

Whatever material you wish to use for fence banners, you can get anything printed according to your requirements, however the printing quality always depends on the type of material you select. In case you require a specific design, the graphic designers at FenceWrap are at your service to help you design and create just what you want with all your fence wrap requirements. Our creative designers will let their creativity flow and may suggest you the best according to your project requirements. 

Bright and vibrant colours are used to make simple or complex banners quite eye-catching. This becomes a great way of advertising a brand and at the same time getting more business from the existing site. 

Full Colour Print Fence Banners
Getting to work on your design

Customers & Their Requirements for Fence Banners

Our customers often differ in their requirements when it comes to Australian fence banners in accordance with the nature of their business. We have been serving a variety of businesses to print the best quality Australian fence banners for different reasons which include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising their business
  • Controlling dust
  • Privacy purposes
  • Offer a professional look 
  • Stopping things from blowing away
  • Scaffolding purposes to prevent drop hazards
  • To easily identify construction sites in case of deliveries or for subcontractors
  • Promotion of events, festivals and concerts

Why FenceWrap Fence Signage?

We at FenceWrap aim at providing expert advice and solutions for your fence wrap and banner needs that will help to strike the right balance between longevity and creating the right impact. FenceWrap is dedicated to bringing you the best in fence banners. We have an extremely fast turnaround time and will work closely with you to provide the best quality banners.

We hope you will be the next customer to reap the benefits from our handpicked Australian fence banners. Contact our experienced team today for a quote and free artwork mock up!

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