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Promote Your Business With Fence Banner Mesh

Promote Your Business With Fence Banner Mesh

If you are looking for an innovative way to promote your construction business FenceWrap has the perfect products. Fence banner mesh is a cost effective and striking way to promote your business. By understanding the differences between the varieties of banners it will help you make the right decision to promote your construction business. Depending on the text of your message, your business logo, slogan and other requirements we can help you select the most appropriate construction fence banner.

Depending on your requirements and application, we can help you select the most suitable fence banner mesh.

Uses for Mesh Fence Banners

Fence banner mesh is a versatile product that can be used in various ways and on various sites. A popular use for the mesh banner has been on temporary construction fencing or scaffolding.

Fence Banner Mesh Panel Cladding VIC

Construction fence banners are effective because not only do they promote the business but they also serve a function as a protective barrier for the construction site. Not only for the construction industry, fence banner mesh can be used in many industries to help promote your business or to simply provide privacy to your site.

Use Versatility

Fence banner mesh  can be used on any fence or building type. We offer several fabric variants to allow for the air flow needs of every site. This ensures safe, functional and effective promotional fence banner mesh.

Choosing The Fence Banner Mesh for Your Construction Site

When you are creating promotional material, the primary concern is quality. FenceWrap uses a full digital printing process that allows for high colour saturation in the fabric. We print your artwork to be vibrant and with UV stabilised inks so that your fence banner mesh can be seen from a distance.

Practical Considerations

When choosing the fence banner mesh that is right for you it is important to  consider the functionality of each fence banner mesh and your specific requirements.

Air Permeability

It’s important to consider the weather conditions when choosing your fence banner mesh. The environmental conditions of the site can be a key consideration when selecting the type of fabric for your fence banner mesh.

If your site is in an area which is prone to high wind speeds and you select a fabric with a low air permeability the fabric will be susceptible to tearing and this will seriously affect the longevity of the fence banner mesh.

Henley Printed Construction Mesh Banner

Air permeability relates to the formation of the weave of the fabric. A fabric with low air permeability such as PrintMax has a weave that is close together and only allows 30% of the air hitting the fabric to flow through it. A fabric with a high air permeability such as BreezeMax has a weave that is looser and further apart and can allow 50% of the air hitting it to flow through it.

At FenceWrap we believe in sustainability and investing in the right product for your application. If you are investing in fence banner mesh to promote your business we want the best solution for you, and to ensure longevity in the product meaning you get maximum use from the fence banner mesh. This may mean compromising on the print impact for the benefit of a product that will be more suited to your application.

Sun Damage

Another consideration that is important when it comes to Australian fence banner mesh is the UV exposure of the product. Some products are designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun and certain products such as fabric mesh are better suited to indoor use. Although this banner mesh will last longer in places such as Melbourne that have a lower UV.

Different locations around Australia will have varying levels of UV exposure. Melbourne in comparison to Darwin will have a light UV exposure in long term as the UV isn’t as strong. 

Printed Formset Fence Banner Mesh

We use high quality inks, meaning you get not only a vibrant print, additionally it is backed by a 2 year no significant fade print guarantee when used outdoors in Australian conditions.

Get hands on our premium products when it comes to print impact are PVC banner mesh and fabric mesh. PVC mesh tends to be more resilient outdoors than fabric mesh. 

Generally we would not recommend fabric mesh for outdoor installation unless it is on a very temporary basis.

Aesthetic Considerations

We know that when selecting promotional material for your construction business how important it is to have a product that is not only great quality, but attracts and grabs the attention of your customers. 

Our fence banner mesh range are all printed using the same printer, however, the vibrancy of the print (or the print impact) will vary depending on your choice of fabric and the grade of that fabric.

Fabric mesh can be printed on the entire fabric, choosing block colours, patterns or a mix featuring logos and graphics, fabric mesh will fade quickly in direct sunlight. 

Fabric mesh has the unique quality of allowing for the colour to “bleed” through the fabric, this means that your print can be seen on both sides of the fabric.

Villawood Printed Fence Banner Mesh

PVC banner mesh has a photo like print impact. It is the best product for outdoor promotion where the site allows fence baanner mesh, it’s available in three grades of fabric; PrintMax, BreezeMax and FenceWrap Classic.

As the name suggests, BreezeMax allows for the highest airflow. It has a looser weave which results in a print that, although high in quality, has less of an impact in comparison to PrintMax. 

This is because BreezeMax has less material to absorb the ink that is printed on it and because it allows more light to come through the fabric which produces a “washed out” look. 

PrintMax is the optimum choice for site or construction fence banner mesh in terms of print impact.

Size Choice

When you are choosing to promote your business you need your product to be big enough to be visible, additionally a product that fits your intended space. This consideration is important when you are using fence banner mesh on temporary fencing.

FenceWrap created EzyPanel fence banner mesh with this consideration in mind. 

EzyPanel banners are cut to a standard size of 1.6m or 1.8m high by 2.4m wide and are finished with edging and eyelets around the edge of the banner making them easy to install, and move to another site when needed.

EzyPanel’s can also be cut to custom sizes depending on your needs and these will still come standard with edging and eyelets. 

If you are planning to cover a large area, all of our fence banner mesh rolls are 50m in length, and can be cut into smaller banners if required to get a perfect fit for your site.

Corplex Construction Fence Banner Mesh

Stand Out With Fence Banner Mesh

There are many options for your businesses next investment in construction fence banner mesh. Depending on your requirements, we can focus on print quality, air permeability or a combination of all.

Our team have extensive knowledge in our products and are dedicated to finding the right solution for your construction site - maximising your investment. We are in the business of helping you to stand out and grow your business through awesome promotional assets.

We have fence banner mesh available in 50m rolls in various heights, or we have popular sized panels, or you can customise your panels to suit your unique space. All products have excellent quality print, with finishing details to ensure they’re easy to use!

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