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Market Your Business With Construction Shadecloths Today

Market Your Business With Construction Shadecloths Today

Construction shadecloths are a common sight throughout the construction and property development industry. They serve numerous purposes from screening cluttered, messy sites from the public eye, through to dust and debris control for occupational health and safety of the workers on the site. Construction shadecloths manufactured from high quality banner mesh are advertising platforms just waiting to be used to market your company, your products and your services.

Formset Construction Shadecloths

Why Use Banner Mesh Construction Shadecloths For Marketing Purposes

When thinking of outdoor advertising, expensive billboards spring to mind. That is only suited to a small portion of businesses. On a larger scale, construction shadecloth is the perfect advertising method for thousands of construction and building companies alike. 

Which is why construction companies across Australia have found that using banner mesh with custom printing with their branding for site fences, scaffolding wraps and other construction coverings is a great asset to their marketing and advertising campaigns.

In one way of thinking, you’re ticking the boxes from local councils by having construction shadecloth applied to your fence, you’re then spreading the word of your company to passers-by within the community, then you’re further adding to your 

Fencewrap has 3 different grades of Banner Mesh available. The meshes are differentiated by the fabric weave, which will affect the air permeability and print impact. Depending on your requirements, there is a construction shadecloths to suit all applications. 

The benefit of having three different meshes to choose from, is it allows for customisation of your site. A lot of building sites are very windy, they need their mesh to be able to perform and handle the elements. Other businesses value print impact and don’t need wind performance. 

By changing the weave tightness to alter the wind performance, we are also changing the surface area that we can print on. We speak about print impact, as all three banner mesh options have a fantastic print, when compared side by side to each other, there is a noticeable difference. The tighter the weave, the more fabric for us to print on. And reversed, the looser the weave to accommodate for air permeability, the less fabric for us to print on.

Paramatta Construction Shadecloths Community Project

The inks we use for digital printing are genuine inks for outdoor construction shadecloths, providing sufficient weather resistance to ensure that your marketing message lasts for years to come. We provide a two year no-fade guarantee but our banner mesh can be expected to provide a two to three print lifespan, depending on the UV levels in your area.

Banner mesh allows for full cover printing, and for the use of just about any colour you can imagine. A simple and neat design focusing on your logo and name, or use project images and list your products and services. There are no limitations! 

Selecting The Right Banner Mesh For Your Construction Shadecloth

If you’re looking for the best print impact, you’ll want our PrintMax. With the tightest weave, this product provides the greatest print impact of the three for your marketing graphics, but, as it allows the lowest airflow through (30% permeability), is only suitable for low-wind environments.

The range of applications for PrintMax as construction shadecloths is wide, from covering scaffolding, through to construction site fencing, both permanent and temporary, hoardings and screens for privacy or dust and debris control.

FenceWrap’s Classic Mesh provides the ideal compromise between airflow and print impact. With a 36% air permeability, it has the same wide range of applications as PrintMax but is the choice to go for in conditions of moderate wind.

BreezeMax, with the most open weave and highest air permeability of 50%, provides the construction companies working in very windy areas, such as at the coast, with a safe and wind resistant method of advertisement. It is therefore very suitable for temporary fencing and very open sites, such as greenfield projects.

Whether your priority is print impact or suitability to windy conditions, FenceWrap’s banner mesh provides the perfect combination as a construction shadecloth and a high impact advertising and marketing platform.

Construction Shadeclothes Level Crossing Removal Project

Using Construction Shadecloths For Marketing Purposes

Let’s tick off council requirements to contain your project site, now you’re simultaneously marketing your business too! There is also the flexibility and customisation of choosing the right sized construction shadecloths for your fence.

We have two sizes available - 1.6m and 1.8m high in 50m rolls. Making applying to temporary fences, hoardings and screening requirements. All our banner mesh options are hemmed and provided with eyelets for easy attachment and securing to your fence. By finishing your construction shadecloths this way, it makes it ideal for reusing at future project sites. Extending your investment!

We can also cut your banner mesh 50m rolls into smaller banners to suit your site, as an example we can cut and finish 5 x 10m banners from one 50m roll. Alternatively, we have our EzyPanels.

EzyPanel, made from PrintMax, are generally provided in standard sizes of 1.6m or 1.8m x 2.4m and make excellent advertising panels to dot around your construction site fencing.

Freightshift Construction Shadecloths

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