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Construction Mesh: The Quickest Way To Champion A Worksite

Construction Mesh: The Quickest Way To Champion A Worksite

Construction sites can be hard to handle. Creating the perfect balance between functionality and having an aesthetically pleasing worksite perimeter can seem impossible. But not anymore!

Introducing construction mesh; a solution that advertises your business, controls dust, helps your site look more professional, and makes your site easy to recognise for external operations, among other things. Just think, a construction fabric that can earn you money and help you maintain a professional construction site. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Fabric Options

FenceWrap uses a wide range of fabrics for our construction fabric. Depending on your specific situation, you may need diverse types of fabric. Don’t worry about it though, as our team will help you find exactly the right mesh for your project. We offer several different options when it comes to construction mesh for sale:



BreezeMax construction fabric is made up of 200GSM PVC mesh, making it our best PVC option for maximum airflow. This mesh provides 50% air permeability with colours just as vibrant as the fabric construction mesh. 



Classic mesh is a mesh that provides a balance between wind performance and print impact is FenceWrap Classic. This mesh is 35% air permeable, which allows for the colours to be bright and bold while still allowing some sufficient airflow. This construction fabric allows almost as much picture clarity as PrintMax and can be a safer alternative to PrintMax in slightly windier situations.



PrintMax is our best mesh for print impact. If print quality is extremely important for your business, then PrintMax is for you. The solid vibrant colours of PrintMax construction fabric will draw people in and have a significant impact on passersby. Although less ideal for very windy situations, the high-quality prints available on PrintMax are excellent to get your message across. 

Shade Cloth 

Printed shade cloth is the most common type of mesh. It is durable and cost-effective. This mesh is ideal for windy areas as it is perforated and offers airflow so fences stay upright. Shade cloth is also our least expensive construction fabric option. 

Fabric Mesh

Fabric construction mesh blocks more light and is a little more colourful than shade cloth due to being a finer weave material. This fabric is ideal if you want the colours on your mesh to pop but still have adequate airflow.

100% PVC Vinyl

Our most durable construction fabric is the 100% PVC. This fabric blocks all light and allows the most vibrant printing. This material provides no airflow allowances other than the eyelets we place in the fabric. 100% PVC is designed to be used on permanent fencing or well-secured hoarding.

100% PVC Construction Mesh
100% PVC vinyl is a fantastic solution to advertise on hoarding

Printed Construction Mesh

At FenceWrap, we have the technology to print anything you want on your mesh. This ensures that your company’s message is portrayed precisely the way you want it. This construction fabric can be hung on your site fencing and be seen by passers-by from a distance or close up. As your crew works long and hard at the site, your eye-catching construction mesh will maintain a flow of customers.

We can print anything you need to promote your company, whether it be a simple logo or a detailed photograph.

Get Your Brand Out There

We have been printing and delivering printed construction mesh Australia wide for many years now, and the most common design inclusion you will find is a company logo. With the FenceWrap rolls starting from 50 metres, you can have your company name and logo printed many times. Certain materials can also be cut and edged to suit the specific size of your fencing.

Logo Printed Construction Mesh
A simple logo can still have a big impact

The publicity from your logo alone has the potential to bring you increased revenue. You may be worried about the format of your logo, that it may be too colourful or too detailed for our printing methods. If you think your logo is a challenge to print, bring it on, we’ll show you how to make it look incredible on our construction fabric.

Detailed Construction Mesh Printing

Want something extra complex printed on your mesh? No problem. At FenceWrap we use a sophisticated digital printing method that allows us to print ANYTHING you need. We have the technology to print full colour photographs and detailed graphics, amongst other things. 

You can take advantage of this technology in any way you want. For example, want to give everyone an idea of what the construction project will look like after it’s done? Add a concept drawing or 3D CAD image to your fabric. This will boost excitement for the project and draw more attention to your banners, therefore bringing attention to your brand. Detailed graphics appear the most vibrant on our PrintMax and 100% PVC fabric options, as you get more surface print area.

Mesh for Dust and Debris Control

On a construction site, you will be exposed to  plenty of dust and debris. This might be manageable for the workers, but many worksites are near public areas where people can be adversely affected by worksite materials. Luckily, FenceWrap can help you out. 

Any of our mesh options will be able to help you with dust and debris control. Once put in place around your worksite, your construction mesh will work as an effective barrier to keep dirt and debris from affecting passersby. Depending on your choice of material, varying amounts of dust will permeate the construction fabric barrier. Overall though, any of our construction mesh options will significantly reduce dust and debris leaving the worksite.

Site Screening 

Another common worksite issue is site screening. Does the company employing your team want the work kept secret from the public? FenceWrap’s construction fabric can do that too. PrintMax or 100% PVC mesh will provide the best privacy, but any of our fabric options can put a shroud of secrecy over the project. 

Professional & Easily Recognisable Worksites

Having company-labelled construction fabric has two other impressive benefits. Firstly, your site will look highly professional and well-curated. Regardless of what is going on inside the site, our Australian construction mesh will make sure your first impression is flawless.

Construction mesh on site
Construction signage is simple yet effective

The other benefit is for the construction team. Did you know that construction fabric can help with the day-to-day logistics on your worksite? If your worksite ever gets deliveries, then our mesh can help you. Delivery drivers may sometimes have a tough time finding your construction site, especially if there is another construction site nearby. With our construction fabric, your deliveries will make it to the right place. Your logo and company text printed big and bold all around the worksite will help facilitate the deliveries to the correct location. 

We are happy to discuss fabric options with you to help you buy the right construction mesh for your needs. We hope to soon help you create a functional, professional construction site.

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