Construction Mesh Banner

A mesh banner is typically made from PVC mesh, however it can also be made from shade cloth or other mesh materials like fabric mesh etc. The different materials that are available do however have different benefits and one mesh cannot be used in all situations, in fact you need to consider what is most important to you; cost, appearance, longevity etc.

Construction Mesh Banner – Cost Based

If you are considering to purchase based on cost, the cheapest construction mesh banner is shade cloth. With prices around $600 a roll, the shade cloth is a cheap way to get a lot of advertising on a fence.

However, what you need to consider with shade cloth is that the quality of the print is not great. This comes down to the fact that the shade cloth is actually a very rough material to print on, and rough surfaces do not lend themselves well to being printed. In general if you are looking from far away, it is not an issue, but if you will be having people standing very close to the material, shade cloth might now be a suitable option.

Construction Mesh Banner – Quality

The best quality of construction mesh banner will be the fabric mesh, this will produce the best quality print but again it’s other specifications need to be considering when buying this product.

Ideally the fabric mesh construction mesh banner is suited to very short periods of use, or use indoors. It’s not that the product won’t last the test of time, it is more to do with the fact that it can get dirty very quickly.

Construction Mesh Banner – Longevity

The most long living product is actually the PVC mesh mesh banners. They have a life of 3-4 years and in that time can be cleaned and moved over and over from different sites.

The other benefit of the PVC mesh is that it can be cut into smaller banners without much of an issue. This way, if you are buying a 50m roll you can actually cut it into small banners maybe 5m long or something like that.

The only downside to the PVC is that is the most expensive product that we have, but for larger quantities we can do discounts, so you are best to contact us for a quotation.

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