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Construction Mesh Banner

Construction Mesh Banner

Advertising is arguably one of the most important aspects of having a successful modern construction business. It is crucial to bringing new business in but the costs of advertising needs to be weighed against its benefits. That is where custom mesh banners come into play as an extremely cost effective way to promote your construction business.

Construction mesh banners are functional and attractive. Instead of spending large amounts of money on a billboard that will advertise your company without serving any other purpose, you can transform your temporary fence into something that benefits you in multiple ways. FenceWrap’s printed mesh banners allow you to advertise on any of your construction sites.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Construction Mesh Banner

RedCon Builders Printed Construction Mesh Banner

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your custom mesh banners. You need to consider these to make sure that your construction mesh banners will serve your particular situation. The three most important are cost, quality and longevity.


FenceWrap offers various custom mesh banners to suit different applications. These vary in many different ways and naturally some are more cost effective than others. 

It is important to consider how much you are willing to spend on your mesh banner roll as this will affect your choice of fabric. Our most cost effective option is the BreezeMax because it has the largest holes, but consequently the lowest print impact. On the other end of the spectrum is PrintMax with the highest print impact. And Classic in the middle between both. 

That being said, you can make your construction mesh banner custom to your needs at little extra cost and the artwork layout and proof are included in our price.


Another crucial factor is quality, if you are making an investment in your business through advertising, you will want your printed mesh banner to be of the highest quality. 

This is especially true of fence mesh banners that you wish to reuse. The quality of the banner will vary from fabric to fabric as will the print impact. 

Porter Davis Construction Mesh Banner

If you want a high quality fabric with a high impact print you will want to go with a construction mesh banner roll made from PVC mesh fabric as this produces a really high quality image afterwards.

This PVC mesh fabric holds the ink very well and is available in multiple different grades depending on whether your highest priority is print impact or high airflow or optimum air-flow (BreezeMax) can still produce a high impact and vibrant print.


How long do you want your custom mesh banners to last? This will depend largely on how you intend to use them and will be linked closely to your decisions on quality and cost. 

Our PVC mesh construction banners have an expected lifespan of about 2 years outdoors full time. The PVC itself will degrade slowly over time, but the inks that we use carry a 2 year no significant fade guarantee being used outdoors and uncoated. 

In saying that though, we find that most customers have no issue with this lifespan as on a construction site it’s common to have mud, concrete, dirt and dust eventually build up on the construction banner anyway.

If you are not concerned about lifespan, perhaps opting for our fabric mesh which has a high quality print but does not last as long could be a good option, or even as a budget friendly solution looking at our printed shade cloth

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Custom Mesh Banners

Site Location

It is important to take your site location into account. 

If your fencing is a short distance from onlookers but the site is in a windy city then you may want to consider BreezeMax which offers optimum airflow with a still good print impact. This is the perfect Melbourne fence mesh as it can withstand high winds while still offering impactful advertising. 

Henley Printed Construction Mesh Banner

However, if you are only going to be working on the site for a few weeks and your site is a long distance from viewers you may consider shade cloth, our most cost effective product. The print quality of shade cloth is inferior to our other custom construction mesh banners but it works well when viewed at a distance and works really well in windy conditions.

The Purpose Of Your Construction Mesh Banner

If you want to use your temporary fence and mesh banners to advertise your company and get your business name out there then you can consider going with a less costly fabric as a simple logo and contact details will print well on any of our fabrics. 

However, if you want to entice customers by advertising pictures of your previous work then it may be worth investing in our PVC fabric as more detailed images will present better on this fabric.

Inside Or Outside

If you are considering making use of fabric mesh you have made a great choice, however, it is important to take into account that while fabric mesh is the middle of the road in pricing it does not last well in direct sunlight. This may be better suited for use indoors rather than outdoors compared to the PVC mesh or shade cloth which is ideal for outdoor applications.


Our construction mesh banners are sold in a 50m roll with the option of two different heights (1600mm or 1800mm). You may be worried that this restricts the versatility of the product but that is not the case. We can cut and size our mesh banners to suit your needs, your mesh banners are custom made for you.

The Advertising Impact Of Mesh Banners

Everyone has to advertise their business, it does not matter what industry they are in. It is important to continue to attract new customers in order for a business to thrive. The construction industry has an advantage in this way. 

Sandlik Construction Mesh Banner Printed

Many businesses have to pay a lot of money to advertise on billboards or other places that are in a prime position to be seen. In construction you are often already working on a site that is in a prime position to be seen, you do not have to pay a premium for the location of your advertising using custom construction mesh banners. 

Be Your Own Billboard Using Construction Mesh Banners

It is a safety requirement that you erect a temporary fence so why not use that and mesh banners to your advantage. You can have mesh banners printed to advertise your business and these banners can be used over and over again if necessary. 

Your advertising site is continually changing but you can pay for your advert once. This saving will allow you to invest in printed construction mesh banners in various fabrics and suited to various locations. You can have mesh banners in Melbourne now, next month you can have mesh banners on a project in Brisbane and by the end of the same year you can have construction mesh banners in Sydney. 

One product, one payment, three different sites and three times the reach to your potential customers. Custom construction mesh banners give you a far more versatile option for advertising. If you did this using a billboard you would have to rent a billboard in each different location and pay for the rental of that billboard for the period of time that it is advertised. None of this is necessary with FenceWrap. Once you try out fence mesh banners you will wonder why you ever wasted so much money on traditional “billboard advertising”. 

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