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Construction Fence Mesh: The Best Advertising

Construction Fence Mesh: The Best Advertising

You want people to know who you are, it helps create brand awareness and generate business. You need people to see your logo and remember you, you need advertisements. However, traditional advertisements such as billboards, postcards, and video ads can be incredibly costly. There’s got to be a better way to advertise your services without draining your company funds. Let’s discuss how construction fence mesh with their variety of functions, are the most affordable, quality advertisement around. 

Construction Fence Mesh Variety of Uses

Construction fence mesh are used at construction sites for dust control, privacy, and protection of supplies. By adding a logo or print to construction fence mesh they’re easily transformed into a wonderful advertisement tool for your construction business.

This versatility allows you to get multiple uses out of your fence mesh advertisements, which cuts down on your operational costs. Rather than purchasing fence mesh rolls for privacy on your job sites in addition to traditional advertisements; FenceWrap’s quality printer and inks allow you to transform an item you would likely already be using into a quality advertisement. 

Construction Fence Mesh are Versatile

Think of construction fence mesh as the chameleon of the advertising world. You can use this product however you choose. With an array of material and sizing options, you’re able to choose an advertisement that fits your needs and your budget. 


FenceWrap construction fence mesh are typically sold in 50m rolls, these rolls can be cut to your desired length without damaging the product. Our banner mesh can even be welded together if you need something even larger! We can construct our construction site fence mesh wraps to cover an entire building, or part of a building, you decide. 

If 50m is more than you need, FenceWrap offers EzyPanel mesh banners that come sized 1.6/1.8m x 2.4m, printed on our PrintMax banner mesh for the highest quality print impact. This is great if you need one or two small fence mesh banners.

Material Options

FenceWrap banner mesh is printed on a woven PVC mesh, which is an ideal surface for capturing high-quality prints. We offer a variety of different grades of PVC mesh to suit your advertising and budgeting needs.


PVC mesh is the ideal option for printed advertisements. Our PVC mesh options are our PrintMax, FenceWrap Classic, and BreezeMax. All of our fence mesh rolls provide a stunning print, however, depending on your location you may want more, or less, wind resistance. Our fence mesh rolls are all printed on the same printer, this means that regardless of the material you choose, the quality of the print will always be the same. You’ll never have to sacrifice quality for cost. 

Our most affordable option is shade cloth. Shade cloth is a woven HDPE, the print quality is a bit lower than the PVC mesh, this option is primarily used for dust control, scaffolding, and as a temporary fence mesh. 

FenceWrap shade cloth can be sent to you unbranded or with your logo. This option has an expected life span of up to one year. Even if it’s a temp fence mesh for dust control or privacy, it’s taking up space, add your logo to it for a greater return on investment. 


This adds to the overall savings, versatility, and return on investment gained by using construction fence mesh for your advertising needs. FenceWrap mesh products are weather-resistant and built to last with an expected life span of up to two years. Hence your peace of mind is guaranteed. 

This means unlike billboards, and disposable postcards, construction fence mesh are a one-time investment. You no longer need to worry about prime rents for the perfect billboard location or restocking on paper advertisements. With construction fence mesh you simply set it and forget it, easily install your fence mesh rolls, and free up your time to focus on other projects.

The lifespan of FenceWrap’s mesh leaves you with an advertisement that you can take with you wherever you want. The same construction fence mesh can be used at several job sites, fence mesh can be used for multiple trade shows or events. The sky's the limit.

Easy to Install

FenceWrap’s mesh typically is simple to install. A 50m roll should take two people about fifteen minutes. Our fence mesh comes edged with eyelets so all you need to install your fence mesh are cable ties.

Just as easily, you can uninstall your fence mesh with the clip of a scissor. Just cut your cable ties, roll up your fence mesh and transport them to your next job site. 

This form of advertisement is reusable and transportable, allowing you to place your advertisement wherever there is a wall or fence. This opens up new options in reaching your target audience.

Construction Fence Banners Are an Affordable Advertising Solution

On average, banner mesh costs $5-9/sqm. Compare that to the cost of a billboard or video advertisement, fence mesh easily have your other options beat in affordability. 

When you invest in fence mesh, you’re making a one-time payment, this is an advertisement that you own. You can use this product time and again, it costs nothing to install and you’re in control of its placement, this gives you freedom in your advertising. While cutting costs for your company, by choosing FenceWrap you’re guaranteed to be provided a quality product. 

Our construction fence mesh are visible up to thirty meters away, this gives you the visibility of a billboard at a fraction of the costs. 

The multipurpose function of construction fence mesh allows you to take the fence you already have and make that fence work for you. 

Invest In Multipurpose Construction Fence Mesh With FenceWrap

Multipurpose construction fence mesh gives you quality and options for your company's advertising. 

This is far superior to the traditional one-use billboard or postcard advertisement. Fence Wrap is available in Darwin, and all across Australia for your banner mesh advertising needs. 

Get in touch with our team today on 1300 55 82 47 or contact us through our contact page. We’re eager to discuss your next project with you and work out how we can help grow your construction business with FenceWrap Construction Fence Mesh

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