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Construction Banners: A Profitable Opportunity

Construction Banners: A Profitable Opportunity

Construction banners are an integral part of any good advertising campaign, however big or small! Construction banners can help fetch more business for you as they serve as a great tool to advertising.

It’s Great Advertising Space

Urban settings like construction sites make golden advertising spots: they’re conspicuous, impactful, and highly visual! To put it simply, a banner is impossible to miss, and with the right slogan and art direction passersby won’t want to look away either. Whether you’ve elected to buy construction banners to beautify or conceal a construction site from view, or because one custom-made banner is far cheaper than having to install multiple signs, banners are always a great idea. 

Make Your Construction Site Less of an Eyesore

Construction Banners - PVC mesh
A simple, colourful, eye-catching design

We hate to say it, but you know it’s true; there are few things more unsightly than a construction site. They stick out like sore thumbs. The use of a banner can help prettify a construction site, and keep complaints from locals irritated by the presence of a site in their community at bay. Yes, having to dress up your fence can sound a little ridiculous at first, but it’s well worth it! 

They’re Cost Effective and Reusable

At FenceWrap, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective communication solutions that work. We price competitively and work with you to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to access all our pricing information online: just fill out the 1-minute form, and we’ll email you a downloadable pricing list. 

We want you to get years of use out of our products, and unlike most other advertising mediums, banners are reusable, for a cost-to-use ratio we know you’ll be happy with! 

They’re Versatile

So long as you’ve got someplace to put it up, your banner doesn’t need to be rolled up and stowed away! You can use it anywhere you’d like to advertise your business. 

Choosing to sponsor a local event can help endear your brand to the community you’re working in, and help garner lots of positive attention. A fence banner is a great way to promote brand recognition and recall.

Going to a trade show, or a vendor event? A banner is a great way to announce your presence, attract customers and prettify your booth all at the same time. 

Project Updates

You often see people craning their heads trying to get a look at what’s going on inside a construction site! Community-members want to know what’s going on inside their neighborhoods.

Say you’re building some residential apartments; printing custom banners to showcase what every part of a completed project will look like is a striking way to create public interest and show everyone what you’re building. People will want to see the final product for themselves. Leave everyone wanting to know more, and create a buzz around your project before it’s even finished!


Our unprinted fence wrap is a great way to add some privacy to cordoned-off areas, and deter non-authorized personnel from going where they shouldn’t.

Before construction banners became popularised and more common, contractors often had to use blank PVC screens to be afforded a little privacy, and needed to make use of multiple small banners to advertise their brand and project. Today, buying and installing construction banners is relatively cheaper and easier, and contractors can just buy wrap-around fencing for the entire perimeter of a site!


Employers must warn employees of any visitors to construction sites of all potential hazards. These are signs you’ll want to take from site to site, so they need to be durable and long lasting! Trust FenceWrap with all your banner solutions. We can tailor make all safety banners to your particular specifications as required. Safety signs can include things such as: 


Looking to purchase some construction banners? Here are a few things to consider before you make the leap: 

What Sort of Banners are Out There?

Use vinyl banners on your lot for advertising and safety

Are you a service provider working alongside a general contractor or are you a general contractor looking to use eye catching, high quality vinyl banners to market your construction firm, brand, or even the site of your next project?

Whatever your vocation, construction banners are a low-cost, effectual marketing tool to help you establish a foothold in the community. When you buy construction banners, they can, of course, advertise your construction services to any interested passers-by, but more than that, it creates brand association between you and what you’ll leave behind, that is, what you’ve constructed. 

Picture this: your bright, very visible banner hanging on the site of your build. Whoever sees it is sure to take notice, and once you’ve wrapped everything up and the project is complete, they’ll think of you whenever they catch sight of whatever it was that you put up, whether it happened to be a mall or residential apartments or even some sort of office. It does a far more practical job of displaying your contact and safety information.

What will my vinyl banner look like?

Construction Banners PVC Vinyl
100% PVC offers the best print results on permanent fencing

Your vinyl is intended to replicate HD photograph quality; you can be sure it’ll be picture perfect. We know you want your information to be highly-visible, that’s why our full colour durable printing and heavy duty 100% PVC banners are designed to centre your text and stand out in a clean, minimalist style that does exactly what you want it to! With a 2 year no significant fade guarantee, they’re a great choice for outdoor walls, hoarding, and fences.

Mesh Banners: The answer to all your outdoor-advertising woes

Need advertising for an outdoor event you’re trying to plan? On the lookout for top-quality tailor made signage to spruce up your construction site? We’ve got you covered. Mesh banners exist to be used outdoors. The small holes in the weave or interlaced fabric allow for sound, light and air to pass cleanly through.

There’s no friction, so there’ll be no wear and tear so long as the banner is installed by someone who knows what they’re doing, and when you buy one such construction banner, it’s sure to last you a good long while. 

Our banners are printed with UV-resistant ink and our two year no fade guarantee means your banner will stay as bright and beautiful as the day you bought it. Why else should you opt for mesh over vinyl?

  • Being that mesh is perforated, it’ll hold up in the face of wind! 
  • Vinyl can only be installed on permanent fencing, making it far less portable and versatile. Mesh fencing goes on like a dream, anywhere you want it to! 
  • They don’t weigh as much as vinyl, making them way more portable
  • They proffer ease of installation and storage

They’re great for: 

  • Building banners

The fact that mesh banners are so lightweight makes them particularly suited to large scale installations on the sides of buildings.

  • Outdoor concerts

Mesh banners are well suited to outdoor concerts, because they can be put to use as crowd control barriers and monopolise the attention of a captive audience. It’s a simple way to communicate important event information like venues, artists line-ups, set times, as well as advertise your sponsors at the same time.

  • Sporting Events
Mesh Banners Sport
Custom mesh banners provide a great backdrop for fun runs and events

Those bigger sponsor banners you see strung up on the fencing are nearly always PVC Mesh banners! At FenceWrap, we offer 3 different variations in mesh banners: 

PrintMax -  for those looking to prioritize print quality over all else

Classic Mesh - for those looking to strike a good balance between print quality and airflow

BreezeMax - when airflow, not print quality is your first concern


A Print Job You’ll Love

At FenceWrap, we proffer fully customized printing so you have complete control over your banner’s appearance. The sky's the proverbial limit. We make it a point to be as flexible as the banners we sell, and our skilled graphics team is on hand should you require a little art direction.

This allows customers to print their motif on the entire width and length of the roll for a vivid, eye-catching banner that’s sure to attract attention wherever you choose to put it. Clients frequently choose to emblazon their banners with just their logos, yes, but there’s a lot more you can do with your banner! Advertise your services, and past jobs and contact information, whatever you’d like. 

For modern communication solutions, contact us Monday to Friday 9-5 on 1300 558 247 or any time via our contact form.

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