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Construction Banner Mesh

Construction Banner Mesh
Construction banner mesh is the answer to a number of work site problems. Not only does it block the view from the public, keep the area looking tidy for council requirements, shield it from unwanted wind and hide it from potential thieves but it provides and absolutely invaluable advertising space. Use your construction banner mesh to advertise your company and get the word out there, 

Construction Banner Mesh Fabric Options

We have a range of construction banner mesh fabric options such as; shade cloth in different grades, polyester mesh, PVC mesh and 100% PVC.  Before making your final decision, there are few things to consider when choosing the perfect fabric. Here at FenceWrap, we know our stuff and will help you to choose the right fabric for you!

Shade Cloth

Our shade cloth construction banner mesh is available in 30% (standard unprinted), 50% (standard printed) and 70% (premium printed and unprinted). The percentages refer to the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the fabric.
This fabric is a very popular and cost effective choice. You most commonly see shade cloth used in parks, schools, gardens, nurseries and even residential use. It is a durable and easy to use product. However, if you are after a very detailed print, this is not the best for you. Although still produces a great quality print, for detailed photos or graphics, you will be better to use the polyester or PVC.

Polyester Mesh

The polyester mesh is another cost effective construction banner mesh option. It produces a beautifully vibrant print and is very easy to use. This fabric is best suited to sheltered use such as car parks, shopping complexes or bushy areas as it will deteriorate quicker in UV light than the other fabric options.


The PVC is the best of the best when it comes to construction banner mesh . It is highly durable and produces a magnificent quality print. We have it available in mesh  or 100%. The mesh has little holes, allowing light and air to pass through and the 100% offers full cover from light and wind. Both options have their benefits. For example, if you are in a very windy area, the mesh actually lets the wind to slowly pass though, reducing the load on the fence and decreasing the chances of it being damaged. The 100% is perfect for private sites as it doesn’t allow anyone to see through it. It can also lessen the chance of thieves as they won be able to see the machinery and equipment behind it.

A Great Advertising Space

Construction banner mesh is the perfect advertising space. When comparing it to other advertising mediums, it is also surprisingly cost effective. It is perfect for construction sites in full view of the public. Imagine all that foot and vehicle traffic passing by the site every day seeing your companies logo printed on a 1.8m high fence. We have two printing options and can print absolutely anything that you want.

Block Print

Block printing on construction banner mesh involves your logo printed onto a white background. It  can be repeated approximately 12-14 times depending on the shape of your logo. This is very effective for companies with bright, bold logos.

Full Print

Full printing on construction banner mesh is exactly that, a full print. We can print the entire roll in any colour that you like. This is perfect for photos of your machinery, equipment, staff, safety messages, etc. There is no limit to what we can print.

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