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Building Shade Cloth

Building Shade Cloth
Building shade cloth is the the most commonly used solution for covering temporary fences or scaffolding. Here at FenceWrap, we have the  expertise and knowledge to help you choose the perfect building shade cloth, whether it be to advertise your business, keep your site works private or to follow council regulations. 

The different options we have

There are a few factors that will help to determine what particular product is best for you and from your first enquiry, we’ll help to figure out your perfect solution. We’ll discuss things like budget, printing required, length and conditions of use and block out required. The first decision is whether you want the standard  or premium grade fabric.

Standard building shade cloth

Standard building shade cloth is called ‘50%’. This shade cloth blocks 50% of light. It is the cheapest and most common. It is easy to use and very durable. We’ve heard nothing but positive reviews for this material. It looks great just standard and even better with your companies logo printed on it.

Premium building shade cloth

The premium shade cloth is the ‘70%’. This fabric only allows about 30% of light through so it is perfect if you don’t want anyone to see through. It also lets less wind through so if you need to block the majority of wind, the premium option is the perfect building shade cloth for you.  It is also great to print detailed and colourful graphics on.

Different places you can use it

As building shade cloth is a durable and versatile product, you can use it just about anywhere. It is perfect to cover scaffolding on commercial construction sites, renovations, road works, and building sites. It is also a great way to cover up a temporary fence and places like music festivals, sporting events, charity events, open days and fundraisers. It can even be used in more permanent situations like factories, car yards and shopping complexes. It can be printed however you like so there is no reason why building shade cloth wouldn’t be perfect for you.

Block Printing vs Full Printing

Block Printing includes a simple image,logo or graphic printed onto a plain white background. It’s essentially printing of half of the building shade cloth area. With block printing, on a 50m roll we can print a repeating logo around 13 times. Block printing is perfect to print bright company logos and really get the company recognised.

Full Printing is exactly that, the printing of the whole building shade cloth. You can have as many colours, logos, graphics as you like and take up sa much of the fabric as you like. There is no limit at all (except of course to allow for the hem and eyelets). We print digitally so we can capture even the most detailed photos and graphics. The full print is a great way to showcase products or services that your company offers

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