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Branded Shadecloth - High Quality Advertising

Branded Shadecloth - High Quality Advertising

With more and more developers and construction companies in Australia using branded shadecloth to advertise at their job sites, it’s important to use every opportunity to promote your brand is a must in today’s competitive world. Which is why, when using branded shadecloth to advertise your brand, it is crucial that a good product with high quality printing is selected for maximum visual impact.

Branded Shadecloth Gibb Group

Why Incorporate Branded Shadecloth

As its name implies, shadecloth has long been used for protection from the sun and is common to see across Australia used in all types of industrial and construction sites. But shadecloth has potential benefits that extend far beyond than just a shelter from the sun. Shadecloth provides many more practical purposes such as providing privacy from the street when used as temporary fencing shade cloth or for dust control. 

Maximising your investment of shadecloth, you can level up your job site with our branded shadecloth. We use your logo, message or imagery to advertise your business and exposure on your sites. Branded shadecloth is a great marketing asset working for you to connect with potential customers every day, 24 hours a day. 

Use Your Branded Shadecloth As A Marketing Asset

Traditionally, shadecloth is a more cost effective way to provide dust control and privacy to your site. The expected lifespan on shadecloth is one year. It’s most appropriate when attached to your temporary fence, as a single use product. It has many applications commonly used on: scaffolding, temporary fencing, greenfield sites and construction sites. Shadecloth can be supplied as a plain fabric, or you can choose to print on the fabric also. It really comes down to your particular application, budget and requirements for your project site.

Duff Kennedy Branded Shadecloth

Construction companies, developers and even event organisers have found that branded shadecloth signage makes the perfect, large scale canvas on which businesses can display their company logo, details and offerings to create excitement around your development project. This is the best way nowadays to grab the attention of the public for upcoming events and construction projects, use your images to sell your product or service and create buzz around your brand. 

Should I Pick Shadecloth Or Banner Mesh

This is all dependent on your individual needs - we take into consideration many factors when helping you to select the right product. Is it going on a windy site, how important is print quality to you, what is your project budget, and do you plan on reusing?

Our range of banner mesh offers a great alternative to shadecloth. It has a far superior print quality, simply due to the material being used. If having signage that is bold and vibrant is important, we always suggest our PrintMax. It has the smallest weave of all our three banner mesh options, meaning it has the largest printable surface. Our middle option is our FenceWrap Classic. It offers our clients a banner mesh that has a good printable surface and also good wind performance. Lastly, we have BreezeMax which still has a better printable surface than shadecloth, but is a go to for any windy site, having the largest weave allowing for wind to easily pass through. 

All our banner mesh options are terrific options as they can be reused after your project has finished. Simply detach from the fence, roll back up and transport to you next project site. 

Defence Airforce Branded Shadecloth


Shadecloth has always been a great option for construction projects which may be budget conscious, or simply have no need to reuse at other project sites. 

It provides dust control and offers privacy to your site, as let’s face it sometimes things can get messy or you simply want to protect the privacy of your workers. 

Cost Effective And Easy To Install Branded Shadecloth

FenceWrap’s branded shadecloth is one of a number of leading products we offer for construction signage and site signage. We work with you to select the right product for your application looking at; cost, reusability, application and durability. 

Branded shadecloth signage is an impactful, attention grabbing and eye-catching solution making it a cost-effective investment for a shorter term branding opportunity. Our branded shadecloth is delivered in rolls of 50m rolls to your site for your own ease of installation. You can cut our branded shadecloth to size on site, reducing the cost further as there is no need for supplier installation. Our shadecloth is made with buttonhole eyelets along the top and bottom. All you need is two people, some zip or cable ties and away you go, unroll and fix to the fence. It’s that simple!

Branded Shadecloth Russell Clark

Branded Shadecloth - Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Our branded shadecloth is easy to order and install for your construction signage. 

1. Work with our team to pick the right product for your application and needs.

2. Supply us with your artwork assets and any concepts you have and we’ll get our designers to create your artwork mock-ups of what your signage could look like. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll print it.

3. It gets delivered and ready for you to install on your next project site! 

We use state-of-the-art full colour digital printing to convert a ‘blank canvas’ into a persuasive and round-the-clock marketing asset for you. Digital printing also allows for greater detail, allowing your logos, images and message to pop. 

Let’s Get Started On Your Branded Shadecloth

Call us during the office hours Monday to Friday at 1800 239 281 or send us your questions any time by filling our contact us form. Looking forward to connecting you soon!

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