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Branded Shade Cloth

Branded Shade Cloth

Branded shade cloth is fast becoming one of Australia’s favorite ways to liven up a dull construction site, hide unsightly fences, and advertise building companies. Here at FenceWrap we not only have a great range of options but knowledgeable and helpful staff who will help you find the perfect branded shade cloth for your needs.

Branded Shade Cloth Options Available

When it comes to FenceWrap’s branded shade cloth we have a couple of printing options available. We can cater to any requirement that you have. We can offer both ‘block printing’ and ‘full printing’ .
‘Block Printing’ involves a simple logo, text or graphic  repeated gerneally 12-14 times per 50m roll on a white background. ‘Full Printing’ can be absolutely anything that you want. Our sophisticated digital printing method allows us to print even the most detailed photos onto the branded shade cloth. Some of the most common things printed are logos, company names and sponsor names. Why not consider printing images of products or services, equipment used in construction, safety messages, time tables for events, plans of the works being built etc. Let your imagination run wild because there is absolutely no limit to the possibilities.

Lifetime of Branded Shade Cloth

Our branded shade cloth is made from 100% HDPE. It is a plastic based knitted fabric that is durable and made for the outdoors. FenceWrap’s shade cloth is designed to be used outdoors for up to 10 years without any serious degradation in the fabric.

The printing itself comes with a two year warranty and like with all things, the colour will fade with UV exposure. However, in our experience the printing has about  3-5 years of life without any extrememly noticeable fading.

For those environmentally concsious customers worried about the branded shade cloth being plastic based, it might be worthy to mention that the product is 100% recyclable and any local recycling plant should be able to take it off your hands once you are done. If you have any concern please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

Where To Use Branded Shade Cloth

As mentioned, branded shade cloth is becoming a huge thing across Australia. Not only is it perfect for construction, renovation, road works  and commercial or residential building sites to cover up temporary fences, advertise the company or for council requirements but there are so many other places it can be used. Music events, sporting events, fetes, fundraisers, factories, car yards and shopping centres just to name a few.

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