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Advertise With Durable And Sustainable Branded Shade Cloth

The importance of advertising in reaching potential customers is a well-established business principle. However many businesses, whether start-up or well established, often find the costs prohibitive and even tend to cut back on advertising when faced with challenging economic conditions. This is despite the fact that difficult times are the most important periods to advertise to attract more customers and up your revenue.

Fortunately for businesses, there is a range of advertising media available, with many of the low cost alternatives being as effective if not more effective than expensive TV commercials or glossy print advertising. Branded shade cloth, for example, is the ideal opportunity to reach out to a potentially massive market for your services and products at a very affordable cost. Added to this, is the fact that you most probably are already buying the shade cloth for other uses, so why not get more out of this purchase by branding it for advertising purposes.

Branded Shade Cloth For Harvey Developments

Why Should I Use Branded Shade Cloth?

In the property development and construction industry, shade cloth is usually ordered for the more practical purposes of hiding construction sites, wrapping scaffolding or even for use as building hoardings. Shade cloth has also proved its effectiveness for the control of dust and debris and for screening off areas, either for privacy or safety. In other industries such as agriculture and horticulture, shade cloth is widely used for its benefits in shading plants from the heat of the sun, while the outdoor event sector often prefers it to other solutions for crowd control.

All these applications are usually in highly visible areas, passed by many of your existing and potential customers, whether they be on foot or bicycle, or in a car, bus or even train. So what better use to extend their value by branding the shadecloth with your company information or messaging.

Branded shade cloth is low cost to produce and is visible all the time, unlike the more expensive TV, radio and print advertising, which is only broadcasted, heard or seen for short intervals. And branded shade cloth is seen over and over again as potential customers generally pass the sites more than once. This provides excellent brand retention with your company’s messaging being reinforced by the branded shade cloth every time a potential customer passes by. 

First National Branded Shade Cloth

Added to this, repeated TV commercials or radio slots interrupting favourite programs is often quoted by the market as highly irritating and off-putting. How many times have you heard a reader complain that a publication is just filled with advertising? This is not the case with branded shade cloth. 

Branded shade cloth is not “in your face” like other advertising. It’s in the background, in the passing traffic’s peripheral vision, without interfering with a potential customer’s normal activities. But this does not mean your advertising messaging is not seen. Branded shade cloth, like other forms of outdoor advertising, is in fact a more powerful advertising tool, interacting with your market seamlessly, and thereby strengthening the persuasiveness of your messaging.

How Durable Is Branded Shade Cloth

FenceWrap has various products available which double up as fence or building wrapping and as advertising media, to ensure that you get exactly the right product for your application. Branded shade cloth is the lowest cost product in FenceWrap’s range. It is designed for one-off applications with an expected lifespan of at least one year, as opposed to the longer lifespans and reusability of FenceWrap’s banner mesh. 

The banner mesh is a woven high density polyethylene (HDPE) product, with high quality digital printing used for your artwork. We use genuine inks and a quality printer, meaning your fence signage is designed to last 2-3 years, with a 2 year no print fade guarantee. The cloth is also weather resistant and, as a woven mesh, allows the air to pass though, minimising potential for the cloth to tear or to be blown out of shape.

We have three options in our banner mesh range - all using the same mesh fabric, the differentiating factor will be the weave tightness which will affect the print impact. Our PrintMax is designed to have the tightest weave, meaning there is more fabric for the printer to print on, resulting in a more vivid print impact. On the other end of the scale is our BreezeMax, it’s been designed to have the loosest weave to account for more wind to pass through the fabric, resulting in excellent wind performance.Compared to the PrintMax, you will see a noticeable print impact between the two. Our middle banner mesh is the FenceWrap Classic, designed to offer a good balance of wind performance and print impact. 

Russell Clark Awesome Branded Shade Cloth

Branded Shade Cloth – A Sustainable Advertising Solution

Companies are facing increasing pressure to “go green” and reduce their impact on the environment. There are many reasons why using branded shade cloth answers this need, providing a sustainable form of advertising. Not only is the environmental impact reduced by extending the application of an already needed product to use as advertising billboards, but the material itself, HDPE, is, off all plastics, the best in terms of environmental stability and fully recyclable. This is because HDPE does not emit fumes into the atmosphere and uses only a small amount of energy in the manufacturing process.

Digital printing is also far more eco-friendly than the more traditional methods of printing as it significantly reduces waste. This is due to a number of reasons, including the fact that digital printing uses the exactly right amount of ink needed to print your artwork onto your shade cloth. The materials used for digital print are also eco-friendly. The inks for example do not contain any hazardous air pollutants, emitting lower amounts of greenhouse gases.  Digital printing does not require length set-up times and eliminates the huge amounts of water, electricity and material, such as the plates, blocks or screens, used in the set-up processes of other printing methods.

Melbourne Vue Branded Shade Cloth

Receiving Your Branded Shade Cloth

Either supply us with your artwork, or we have in-house designers to assist you, and we will do the rest. Our state-of-the-art digital printing facilities provide high print impact, whether you choose to display your company logo and details, photographs or text messages. Digital printing also prints well whether you opt for full or part cover printing of the shade cloth and you can use any combination of colours you can think of.

The finished product is supplied to you in 50m rolls, with eyelets along the top and bottom edges of the shade cloth for easy installation. We do not cut the rolls of branded shade cloth into other lengths before delivery, unless you have specified, but it is easy for you to cut them on site. The cut edges may fray over time, though, as they will not have been edged. If you are looking for smaller shade cloth banners, then better opt for our EzyPanel Fence Banners.

Let’s Discuss Your Site Branding Today

If you need a budget-friendly as well as effective construction business advertising plan then look no further than FenceWrap. We’ll guide you how to make the best use of your construction site to advertise your business and let the people know about your existence in a graceful manner. Call us at 1300 558 247 Monday to Friday and we’ll help you make your business brand the talk of the town. Alternatively feel free to leave us a message on our contact page and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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