100% PVC Banners

100% PVC, as the name suggests, is full banner fabric. This type of material is commonly used to cover hoardings or other surfaces that do not require a mesh to allow wind to blow through. The 100% PVC can be finished with either strip edging and eyelets or with kedar edging (sail track). This edging is fed into a aluminium rail and stretched onto the area it is covering.

Size Availability

100% PVC has no set size. It comes in rolls up to 5m and can be welded together to make any custom size banners. Speak to us about your options.

Print Options

The fabric starts off white and is printed with what you want.

Block Print 100% PVC

Block printing is not available with 100% PVC.

Full Print Example


A full print allows you to cover the full surface of the material with ink. This means there is no limitation in regards to design, you can print whatever you want.

Print Quality & Life Span

This fabric will produce photo like quality and is the best you can get. The material has equivalent life to banner mesh, with the inks having a 2 year no fade guarantee and the material itself should be good for the same time. This is ideally suited to walls / hoardings, as these cannot blow over.