Unprinted Fence Wrap

We have a range of unprinted fence wrap and barrier mesh solutions. We understand that not in all instances you will require printed fence wrap, so we also supply the fence wrap without any printing.

Depending on your application, we have different weights, colors and heights of unprinted wrap and we are sure we can cover any fence or site you need to cover. Commonly, unprinted shade cloth is used for dust control and site privacy. Colors available include red, blue, beige, white, green, black and more

Typically the shade cloth is supplied in roll lengths of 50m at 1.8m heights. However if you need a specific height, just contact us and we will see what we have to offer.

Applications include:

  • Covering scaffolding for drop hazards
  • Site dust control (Council requirements)
  • Privacy screening
  • etc

Printing Options

If you’re looking for a printed mesh soltution, we offer both printed shade cloth and printed banner mesh. Shade cloth is a more budget oriented product where banner mesh has a much higher print quality and life span.