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We have a range of different options available when it comes to printed fence signage solutions. Below is an explanation of each and what it’s suited for.

Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth would be what we call our “standard” fabric. It is the most cost effective option of FenceWrap we have and it is quite commonly used. The fabric itself is a woven plastic and has knitted eyelets at the top and the bottom.

PVC Banner Mesh

Banner Mesh

Banner mesh is a much higher alternative that we have available. It will have crisp lines and will definitely project a much higher quality appearance. The banner mesh is a woven fabric with a PVC coating that provides a great surface to print on. The material is then cut and edged, and eyelets are punched into the edges to attach to fences / walls with zip ties or screws.

Fabric Mesh

Fabric Mesh

Fabric mesh is more suited to limited use as it is printed onto a polyester fabric rather than on a PVC fabric. This means it will produce a high quality print, and the print bleeds through also (seen from behind), but it will not have great longevity in direct sunlight. The fabric is printed, and then sewn with edges and eyelets are pressed into the edges.

100% PVC Vinyl

100% PVC Banners

100% PVC, as the name suggests, is full banner fabric. This type of material is commonly used to cover hoardings or other surfaces that do not require a mesh to allow wind to blow through. The 100% PVC can be finished with either strip edging and eyelets or with kedar edging (sail track). This edging is fed into a aluminium rail and stretched onto the area it is covering.

Sizing & Printing Options

Shadecloth is only available in 1.8m x 50m lengths. PVC banner mesh comes in 1.6m x 50m or 1.8m x 50m rolls, however can be cut and made to suit your requirements. Fabric mesh and 100% PVC banners are completely made to order.

After considering the fabric you want, we then have two printing options available depending on what you actually want on your wrap.

Block Print


A block print essentially means that the background will be white, or under 50% of the fabric surface will be covered with ink. This option is good for repeats of a company logo and slogan across the length of the FenceWrap.

Full Print


A full print allows you to cover the full surface of the material with ink. This means there is no limitation in regards to design, you can print whatever you want. Please note that we don’t recommend shade cloth for full print designs.

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