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Construction Mesh Banner

A mesh banner is typically made from PVC mesh, however it can also be made from shade cloth or other mesh materials like fabric mesh etc. The different materials that are available do however have different benefits and one mesh cannot be used in all situations, in fact you need to consider what is most important to you; cost, appearance, longevity etc.

Construction Mesh Banner – Cost Based

If you are considering to purchase based on cost, the cheapest construction mesh banner is shade cloth. With prices around $600 a roll, the shade cloth is a cheap way to get a lot of advertising on a fence.

However, what you need to consider with shade cloth is that the quality of the print is not great. This comes down to the fact that the shade cloth is actually a very rough material to print on, and rough surfaces do not lend themselves well to being printed. In general if you are looking from far away, it is not an issue, but if you will be having people standing very close to the material, shade cloth might now be a suitable option.

Construction Mesh Banner – Quality

The best quality of construction mesh banner will be the fabric mesh, this will produce the best quality print but again it’s other specifications need to be considering when buying this product.

Ideally the fabric mesh construction mesh banner is suited to very short periods of use, or use indoors. It’s not that the product won’t last the test of time, it is more to do with the fact that it can get dirty very quickly.

Construction Mesh Banner – Longevity

The most long living product is actually the PVC mesh mesh banners. They have a life of 3-4 years and in that time can be cleaned and moved over and over from different sites.

The other benefit of the PVC mesh is that it can be cut into smaller banners without much of an issue. This way, if you are buying a 50m roll you can actually cut it into small banners maybe 5m long or something like that.

The only downside to the PVC is that is the most expensive product that we have, but for larger quantities we can do discounts, so you are best to contact us for a quotation.

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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Construction Fence Mesh

We provide a range of different construction fence mesh depending on the purpose of your intended use. There are a variety of different benefits of putting mesh on your construction fencing and we will discuss them here.

Dust Control

Construction fence mesh is a very effective way to control dust on a construction site. Given there is a lot of empty land around, it is very easy for wind to enter the site and whip up a cloud of dust. Putting mesh on your fencing will allow the mesh to be there to catch the dust before it spreads around the construction site.

Shade Cloth Construction Fence Mesh

Our most suitable option for dust control is actually shade cloth. It also happens to be the cheapest product that we offer. We can offer it either unbranded in a range of different block out percentages, or you can have it custom branded with your organizations brand.

Shade cloth fence mesh therefore offers a great opportunity to promote your business while at the same time providing the benefit of dust control.

PVC Mesh Construction Fence Mesh

An alternative to shade cloth is PVC mesh, however the PVC mesh is not as effective as the shade cloth when it comes to dust control. The PVC mesh is a more premium product which provides a better surface to print on.

Although PVC will also provide some type of dust control, the shade cloth is a more suitable product for this use.

Branded Construction Fence Mesh

When considering branding as the important thing for you, shade cloth cannot compare with PVC mesh. For printing, you really want to have as flat of a surface as possible and shade cloth simply cannot provide this. PVC mesh on the other hand can, it provides a nice flat surface to print on and therefore the quality of print is much higher.

Really you need to consider what is important to you. If you prodominantly want to use your construction fence mesh for branding purposes, the PVC mesh cannot be overlooked for quality. Unfortunately though, the PVC mesh is slightly more expensive than the shade cloth, but given it’s extended life it will be able to be used over and over again.

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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Banner Mesh

Banner mesh is a great option when looking to wrap your fence or construction site with a durable material that will be able to last heavy rain, dirt and other contaminants. At FenceWrap we’ve been doing banner mesh for many years now and we know what customers like in their banner mesh.

Comparing us to other companies

Banner mesh is a product where everyone is after the same thing, low prices, the fastest turn around time and to be able to purchase it with out any hassles or delays. FenceWrap has been providing banner mesh to many different companies for many years now and we’ve contacted our previous customers to find out the main factors that they want from a banner mesh supplier. The end result is FenceWrap significantly tweaked their product line up, prices and internal sales team to make sure the customers get what they wanted.

The different places you can use your banner mesh

Banner mesh can be used in a variety of locations, areas and basically any facility that allows for a printed banner to be attached. With eyelets every 500mm along the top and 1000mm along the bottom it allows for the wind to escape underneath easily with out your fence blowing over. Your banner mesh can conveniently be used at any location you desire.

The process of buying your banner mesh

To purchase your own banner mesh is very simple, all you need to do measure the area that you wish to cover and let us know and we can provide you with a quotation. You will also need to send us your artwork in a vector format (.pdf, .eps or .ai) and we will get back to you with a mock up design ready for approval. We will then require a 50% deposit payment against your quotation for your banner mesh and we can start production. We like to allow seven to ten days for production, and then extra time for freight to your door strep as we deliver Australia Wide.

Different things you can print on your banner mesh

We don’t like to restrict our customers in regards to what they can and can’t print on their banner mesh. We’ve developed two different printing options which allow the customers to choose the most effective for them.

Block Printing

Block Printing your banner mesh is the most cost effective way to promote your business. The block printing process involves using a white background with a company logo repeating 12 – 14 times. There is no limitation to how many colours your logo can have.

Full Printing

Full Printing your banner mesh involves using custom background colours and printing on the entire width of the material. This means that you can have the most visual appealing design available and the limit is your imagination. Your banner mesh will definitely stand out attracting wanted attention.

Ask Us

We are available to discuss your fence wrap needs and we will give you honest and helpful advice.

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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Printed Barrier Shade Cloth

When it comes to printed barrier shade cloth look no further than FenceWrap, the industry leaders with everything and anything related to printed materials and advertising. No matter what the application, at FenceWrap we have done it. This ranges from printed barrier shade cloth to crowd control barriers, full construction scaffolding wrap.

The process of buying it

Printed barrier shade cloth is a very simple product to purchase and own when you are ready to buy. All you need to do is simply measure the area you wish to cover in linear metres and let us know. We can custom make printed barrier shade cloth in any height desired although our standard roll size is 1.8m x 55m. The first 2.5m and last 2.5m of the roll cannot be printed but is still useful to most of our customers.

You will then simply need to send us your artwork in a vector format (.pdf, .eps or .ai) and we can get back to you with a mock up design for approval. Once approved we will require a 50% deposit payment for your printed barrier shade cloth before we can start production. Once production has started we allow 7 – 10 days not including delivery.

The process of using your printed barrier shade cloth

All of our printed barrier shade cloth comes with button hole eyelets top and bottom at two centre metre intervals. This means that all you simply need to do is put the printed barrier shade cloth next to your barrier that you wish to secure it too and place a cable tie through the eyelet and wrap it back around the wire fencing. We like to recommend that our customers secure their printed barrier shade cloth as best as possible to avoid any rips or tears due to sagging.

Block Printing vs Full Printing

At FenceWrap we pride ourselves on giving our customers as many options as possible so we have divided the printing up into two options, a Block Print and a Full Print.

Block Print

Block printing involves a white background printed barrier shade cloth and printing a company logo 12 – 14 times across the 50m length. You logo can have as many colours as you like.

Full Print

Full Printing involves using a custom colour background with as much printing as desired. This means you can print across the entire width of your printed barrier shade cloth material with an unlimited design.

Ask Us

We are available to discuss your fence wrap needs and we will give you honest and helpful advice.

Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday on 1300 55 82 47 or any time via our contact form.

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