Banner Mesh

Banner mesh is a much higher quality alternative that we have available. It will have crisp lines and will definitely project a much higher quality appearance. The banner mesh is a woven fabric with a PVC coating that provides a great surface to print on. The material is then cut and edged, and eyelets are punched into the edges to attach to fences / walls with zip ties or screws.

Size Availability

Typically the banner mesh is available in full rolls of 50m lengths, in heights of either 1.6m or 1.8m. Additionally, we also have both a “premium” and “economy” option of 1.6m rolls. The economy option is a lighter gauge mesh, so it will print equally as good as the premium mesh, but will just let more light through.

Custom Sizes / Fence Panels / Cutting

Banner mesh actually comes widths up to 5m, so we can make custom sized banners to cover scaffolding or buildings. Multiple prints we welded together to make a single banner, and are edges and eyeleted. We’ve actually made banners up to 30m x 30m before.

If considering the full rolls, they can also be cut into banners if you like to fit specific fences or spaces. We charge per vertical cut, so you can cut 50m roll however you like. Please note that economy mesh cannot be cut, only premium banner mesh can.

Print Options

The fabric originally starts off white and is printed with whatever you want. As with all of our FenceWrap, we offer banner mesh in either a block print or full print.

Block Print Example


A block print essentially means that the background will be white, or under 50% of the fabric surface will be covered with ink. This option is good for repeats of a company logo and slogan across the length of the FenceWrap.

Full Print Example


A full print allows you to cover the full surface of the material with ink. This means there is no limitation in regards to design, you can print whatever you want.

Print Quality & Life Span

Banner mesh has a very good print quality and a lot of people these days are switching to banner mesh because of it’s appearance (which reflects on their professional image). Banner mesh can also be reused over and over (just cut the zip ties and remove it from the fence) and the ink has a 2 year no fade guarantee. We would expect to see you getting anywhere between 2-3 years out of your banner mesh.