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As a trade print customer you are submitting "Press Ready" artwork. We do no checks on the artwork and it goes straight into the print queue. It is your responsibility to ensure that all artwork meets our requirements. 
➤ Complete your artwork as a single PDF file to submit with each order.

➤ We recommend that you use Adobe Illustrator

➤ That PDF file is what will be printed, so ensure it's checked for all spelling mistakes and errors.

➤ The file must include no bleed and be at 1:10 scale for mesh, and 1:1 scale for fluteboard.

➤ In all cases possible, use vector artwork. We do not recommend embedding JPEG logos. When using photos, we recommend photos of at least 150dpi @ 1:10 scale. Ensure they are embedded and not linked.

➤ We print in CMYK, but we accept Pantone colours embedded into the artwork. We will do a best match adjustment during the RIP.

➤ Ensure all fonts are outlined.

➤ Colours printed on mesh will appear more transparent than normal as the mesh has holes in it, allowing light through.

➤ Keep important text more than 5cm from the edge of the template.

Sample Policy

For orders under $2,000 we will print and deliver samples for $40, Australia wide, per sample.

For orders over $2,000, samples are free for up to 2 samples, and $40 for every sample after that.

Terms & Conditions

Once you submit an order we will send you a Tax Invoice for payment. Payment is required prior to a job being printed.

Quoted lead times are approximates only and we will do our best to dispatch your order as early as possible but our production queue is "first come, first serve" so depending on what orders have been placed ahead of yours, lead times can vary. 

We are not responsible for delays outside our reasonable control.

All other conditions listed on our Tax Invoice.
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